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Need some constructive thoughts here.  My symptoms started in mid-July.  The first episode was an URQ runner type cramp with no nausea that I recall.  I had another episode 8 days later and then 5 days after that.  By the 3rd episode, I had significant pain and nausea.  The nausea has continued since that time.  I cannot tolerate fat.  Period.  I have to eat extremely low fat foods or I'll be miserable.  Even under good circumstances, I still feel like there is something stuck in my throat or that I'll gag.  In addition, I always feel like I have bruised ribs and have some kind of URQ internal pain.

I've had 2 normal ultrasounds
HIDA Ejection Fraction 70%
Endoscopy - normal esophagus, stomach and duodenum

Next up: radioactive eggs for motility.

I've seen one GI MD who said it's my gallbladder and that I'll be *in bad shape* by Christmas.  Because I cannot live like this, I went elsewhere.  New MD thinks I've got idiopathic gastroparesis.  I'm not on board with that one.  I'm just another in a long family line to have a bad gallbladder, in my estimation.   Aside from that, a dysfunctional gallbladder can cause gastroparesis.   Sooo, if the motility study shows GP, then who's to say what the cause really is.  Anyone have further thoughts on this one?  It seems I'm just another in a long list of patients for whom finding an MD who can help before the situation is dire is nearly impossible.  

Fishing then...what is considered a *normal* ejection fraction?  I cannot seem to pin that one down.  I've got 35% threshold for removal, but not what's *normal* or *high*...even *low-high.*  Further, is it possible that it could have been momentarily functional when I had the scan?  Sheesh, what a joke.  No one should have to live like this.  


There is some rough outlined normal range for normal range of HIDA ejection fraction and it is between 35% and 50%. But this is just a guideline, since there is still a lo of debate over this, because there are even situations where people very high HIDA ejection fractions, up to 90% and they still are recommended for gallbladder removal. The main thing that decides here is whether the symptoms that can be linked to gallbladder cause you to experience all these symptoms and suffer pain and all that comes with problems with digestion. But, as far as that weird feeling in your throat is concerned, that sounds like gastric acid reflux or GERD. This is not always related to gallbladder problems, but it can be treated independently, with medication. I don't think I helped much, but definitely do know how it looks like. Have any of GIs pointed you to see as urgen and that the surgeon looks at your test results?


I too have had many symptoms over the last year (GERD, sore throat, fatigue, weakness, URQ pain, weight loss, loss of appetite, dizziness etc)  Have had every test known to man.  Last one (HIDA) showed my rate as 71%.  My gastro doc right away stated that it was abnormal and recommended removal of my gallbladder.  Having it done tomorrow.  I was told normal range is 30-60 and that above the normal can cause similar problems to having stones.  We'll see.  


Hi, I just saw this post and wanted to add some info, in case it helps someone in the future.
So I had a high ejection rate - something like +65% in 2011. I was very nauseated most days but that was compounded by untreated celiac and gasteroparesis - so the gluten was making everything bad but the gastroparesis would allow all the extra bile to sit in my tummy making me sick.

** I found "GAVISON" tabs helped as they are different than tums. They helped coat the tummy and esophagus to help reduce irritation. I also found that at the advice of my MD, taking 5 fish oil pills every day for a year helped a ton. It's a lot of fish oil but it helped and fish oil can't hurt.

Then after +2 yrs of improvement (symptoms didn't 100% but a lot better) I had another HIDA in 2014 and had a normal rate.

Then in 2015 I had another HIDA - just to check - and it was low at 21% but I didn't feel all that terrible. Certainly better than I had felt in 2011.

**My MD had a theory that hyperdynamic - a high ejection rate - is a precursor to a hypodynamic gallbladder. He believes that the hyper is like the gallbladders way of compensating ...somehow. I didn't really understand the logic, just that in his experience he has seen a 'few' hyper gallbladders and he told me that with in 5-10 yrs they all became hypo and were taken out. However, he also said that not all hypo gallbladders cause discomfort so it is possible to live with a hypo gallbladder His only advice for a hyper is to either take it out now or take a lot of fish oil and eat a very healthy diet to try to 'save it' but it just his personal thought. He has never seen one 'saved'.

I also think he said progesterone has a slowing effect on the gallbladder - something that may be worth lookingin to He also suggested turmeric pills as the bile will irritate the stomach (causing nausea and etc) and turmeric and fish oil help with inflammation.

Hope this helps.


You have a great doctor !