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I am 42 years old and am having a laminectomy and discectomy to address lumbar spinal stenosis and 3 herniated discs in my lower spine on March 26th 2013 . 

I am in pretty good shape and have done a LOT of cycling. I am wondering if any cyclists have had similar surgery and how long it too to get back on the bike?

I am expecting to be at my parents for two weeks and then hope to get back home and look after myself.

I'm also hoping that I can at least do some cycling in June - 2-months after the surgery. I don't expect to be mountain biking this year, but I still have big cycling plans for the future.

If I can't cycle, I want to at least do some form of exercise. Does anyone have some input on this? What type of exercise should I be able to do?

I'm even considering buying a racing wheelchair to get out on the roads. My biggest worry is not being able to exercise at all this summer. However, I don't want to push it and end up having surgery again.

Also, how long before I can expect to start physiotherapy? 

Any and all information is greatly appreciated, especially from cyclists.




40 year old with laminectomy l4 l5 2 weeks ago.  feel significantly better but laying low.  from reading these boards, looks like just walking can keep the pain away.  

cycling also important to get back into but concerned it may cause reinjury.  interested if you get feedback from physician otherwise.  10 day visit is tomorrow, will ask my neurosurgeon.



I'm 49. Cycle 100 mi week Rode 4450 mi in 2012- Herniated L5 disc on spin bike at gym when handle bar collapsed on me. Toughes it out too long. Misdiagnosed as hamstring pull. Finally ER visit 3.5 mos post accident. MRI was torn L5 disc. Immediate surgery laminectomy. Felt some relief. Stated PT week 4.5 as Dr said ride stationary recumbent bike. Within 10 days I went completely back to square one. 2nd and 3rd MRI at weeks 7. & 9 showed scar tissue wasn't healed sufficient enough. In bed now total of 4 mos 20 hrs day. Left hip spasms at pain level 10. Dr wants second Lamenectomy sched for July 28th. Post op this time will be in some sort of body cast for 6 solid weeks before PT. that's mid sept. my entire spring and now summer -it has been rough. Lost 19lbs of muscle Tried accupuncture and epidural. Pain from 10 to level 7. Added prayer and more meditation. Visualizing Gods hands to heal this herniation and constant pain to be taken away prior to going under knife......,.. Praying the next 28 days will discover a miracle