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hi, I m 15 months pregnent & it's my first pregnency.I m not looking forward to have this child. would it be safe to have an abortion after 15 weeks.


Many women will have aboritons at 15-20 weeks, mainly because they chnage their mind about pregnancy.

YOU are not alone. IT IS SAFE when done by a good reputable clinic.


Hi Carifairy I was neither pro-choice or por-life before my abortion but reading your post made me sick, you said you will answer honest truth, lets test you I have three questions for you...

Do women regret having an abortion?

Do you give them any realistic options when they talk to you apart from abortion?

and finally have you had an abortion?

lets see how honest you are


Hi acomb, Unfortunatly Cari hasn't been on the board in a long time, but i can answer some of your questions for her. She has had an abortion and she bacame pregnant while taking birth control. She also works (worked) in an abortion clinic. As far as women regretting their decision to abort is up to that particular women. I had 2 procedures in my lifetime, and i was sad but i did not regret it. I had one at the age of 15 and the second well into my 30's so it wasn't for the lack of maturity.

Why would her post make you sick? I don't understand.
You can look her up on the forum and see for yourself how she felt about this subject. She never ever passed any kind of negative judgement on any of the girls with this issue. She was very sensitive and very helpful to many. In fact, if my memory serves me correctly, she may have had more than one abortion herself, for some reason, her birth control religiously failed her.

You can probably find several of her responses in the Abortion thread here on SteadyHealth. Don't be so mad.


As always you are aswering for somebody else.. trying to prove what you think is right...

your coldness remids me so much of the the lady I talk before I had my abortion, I accept it might be for you just a " procedurre" but cant you undestand that for a lot of us it is not just a procedure it has ruined our lives, can you tell people that there is a very big amount of women that regret it and never get over it.. wooulnt that be fair? to be hones that is what I needed to hear when I went o the clinic but everything I heard It was that nobody regrets it and it was not big deal , and that is what makes me sick that some people have guts to lie to vulnerable women for the sake of their political agenda.. as I said before I am no pro-choice or pro-life I just know I regret it and I would have love somebody telling me a lot of women regret it and never get over it, that would have been enought for me to stop and not have an abortion. because the truth is there are other options specially for the women that find this decision very dificult.


Listen, first of all, i am not a cold hearted person, and i could very well tell you that there is a fair amount of women who regret what they did, that is a fair statement. I am not in every other womens head tho. You had your abortion for a reason, just like me, tho you seem angry because of it. You made your decision. Having an abortion is a big deal and it is sad, and it does stay with you for a long time, but those who decide to terminate their baby need to know this.
I was un happy when i walked out of the doctors office that day, yes i cried, yes i felt ashamed, yes i felt i murdered my baby, but i did not regret doing it. I am being as honest as i can, so be it.
Some women do feel that they made a mistake, but you can't base the rest of your life on the fact that you may have made a mistake.
You walked into that office on that particular day knowing that you were there to have an abortion, now your mad, for what? Mad because each person has a different view on the subject?
All these years later, i still have no regret. I do think about it on occasion, but it does not control my very being. I made this decision because it was the best one for me at the time.

You posted your concern, you got a reply and you didn't like it. That's life my friend. I was not speaking FOR Cari, i was "quoting" what she has already said a dozen times over.
Don't be so angry, you are entitled to your feelings. If you need to grieve and regret, that's up to you. If this is what helps you get thru your day, that's also up to you. But don't come here complaining about how other people should or should not feel about their decision to have an abortion.

Go to the abortion thread and see the pros and cons. Read about others feelings and thoughts.
I am not saying that abortion should be used as birth control, in that case, yes i do get angry, but sometimes we have to make that hard decision, and we do, and we get thru it, and we learn from our mistakes.

So, if your having such a hard time with your decision, may you should seek out some therapy.