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A couple of years ago i did a couple of courses of steroids. Before i did the steroids i always had a high sex drive. During the steroids i had an even higher sex drive which was brilliant. A couple of months after the steroids my sex drive changed, it dropped dramatically and is now affecting my relationship.

I did not look into doing steroids correctly and i was not aware that i needed to take anything post course to help my test levels. I was very naive.

At present i can still maintain an erection but we only manage sex about once a month. i still think about sex as much as i used to however when it comes to actually doing it then it simply doesn't happen and once a month is nowhere near enough for both of us.

I would like to know if there is anything i can buy/take and something i can rely on to get my test levels higher and get our sex life back on track?

please help me.


A lot of drugs and med can lower sex driver.



Understand that the inherent consequence of taking steroids for a sustained period is that you will get less effect from your own natural hormones for a period after you abstain from them.

This can be because:
1. Your supplementing your body with exogenous hormones. Our endocrine systems always attempting to maintain balance will adjust for these extra hormones and secrete less of there own over time, simply because it thinks its getting enough of them.

2. Hormones exhibit there direct affects by binding  to appropriate receptors on cells. Generally, when receptors receive enough stimulation they start to "down-regulate" where the receptors effect on the cell is attenuated.

This is something that should balance out on its own. If you want to increase TEST a bit naturally:

-orgasm less frequently; In-fact, there seems to be a 7-day male sexual cycle where a few days after abstaining from orgasm there is a slight increase in test levels, but the only significant increase is on the 7th day (~140% i think?). H/e after day 7 there isn't any test increase so there's no test related reason to go past 7.

-Continue to hit that weight training hard. Btw: heavy squats in particular seem to evoke test secretion.

-Avoid marijuana for a little awhile, it can decrease test levels.

-Supplements: there's so many.... DHEA for example.

-Maximize REM sleep: test is secreted during REM sleep, so go to bed on time and try and sleep undisturbed.



at first my sex drive was really good after takeing my roids,but after taking several viles of test cyp.i lost my mojo.....i want my manhood to responed like it use to for my wife.what should i take to get my manhood back?or should i take massive dose's of more test cyp,winstrol,or HCG?havent done the HCG because the ampules are to hard open without breaking them....thanks so much if you can guide me the right way...