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hi i am debashis chandra from kolkata (india) age 25years now (dob : 14/6/1987) at 1/10/2008 i has semen analysys where the count was only 10mill./ml other details are....
colour - whitish
volume - 1.5ml
liquification - 30 mins
viscocity - normal

total count - 10mill./ml
pus cell - 8/10/hpf
epithelial cells - 4-6/hpf
rbc - not found
normal forms - 80%
abnormal forms - 10%

after 1/2 hours - 75%
after 1 hour - 70%
after 2 hours - 60 %

i know i have problem in this report. i consulted a doctor he suggested..
tab martidex 1 bd x 7 days
cap co-q forte 100 x 2 months
cap e-new 400mg 100 x 2 months

i had those medicines but till now i am not yet a father my wife's all reports are ok. life has become hell can anyone help me so that i can be a father soon. last few months i lost all hope and i with my wife stayed seperately few days ago she came to me and told me to have a treatement from the best dectors. we are married since 6 years i never used a condom in my life but still i am not a father..

please help


Hi debashis,

You need to have another sperm count to verify the results.  Things may have changed in the over 4 years since you last took the test too.  Your count will naturally vary a bit as well.

Did you have any other tests done besides the sperm count?  Were any abnormalities found in your testicles, either by palpation or by ultrasound?  Varicoceles are a common possibility.

I'd suggest you see a urologist.

You are making sperm, and the sperm are for the most part normal.  In-Vitro may be an option if you don't succeed naturally.  See a fertility specialist for that.  Start with the urologist.

Good luck.



i frequently masturbate, and while i masturbate or have sex it takes hardly 5 to 7 mins from the start to the end of the process. is it because of that???

secondly i had only one test done in my life (stated above) no other test has yet been done for this reason. but yes few blood test were done when i had fever last year but those are normal report.

thirdly can u suggest any doctor (urologist.) in kolkata, w.b., india i am not a very rich person so it will not be possible for me to go out station for treatment. or consult a doctor with very high consultation fees.

please help this poor guy......


Masturbation won't alter your sperm count. It is based on a given sample size, not how much ejaculate you produce.

Another test is necessary. The results can vary, widely.

Sorry, I'm in the US and can't refer you to a local doctor.


currently when i masturbate i only produce 3 to 4 drops of sperm. is there any food supplement which increases sperm count or quantity of sperm discharge. if possible please help.....


That is unusual.

Do you notice your urine being "cloudy" after masturbation/sex?

Stop masturbating for a few days and see if it helps.


hi sorry to intruped u both!

me jahangir nd i hve a problem simler like this.

my wife reports r all clear

plz MEDIC-DAN help me!!!

i have done my semen anlysis test on june 2012

nd my total sperm count is 18 ml.

i take medcines 2 months.but no efect

recently i hve done another test of semen anylsis 29-12-2012.

nd my total sperm count is 15 ml/spermatoza.

im very upset what shoul i do?

my report is

volume 2-0ml

colour creamy white

ph alkami

viscosity macoid

liquifaction time 10 min


pus cell 18-20 hpf

R.B.C 4-5

epithelial cells 10-15

morphology abnormal

total sperm cuont 15 ml

motile after one hour 10-15%

after 2 hours 5-10% 

sluggish after one hour 5-10%

after 2 hours 5-10%

no-motile after one hour 75-85%

after 2 hours 80-90%

plzz plzzz plzzz tell wht shuold i do 

i hve seen a dream to become a father