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I have had lower back pain for about a week, which is not unusual, as I throw my back out often; however, I now have pain seemingly straight through from my lower back to my lower abdomen. Whenever I move, it feels as though my colon, rectum and bladder are going to fall out. A dull pain, some sharp ones; it feels like my insides are "bruised". If I sit or lie down still, I don't feel any pain, but as soon as I move, I do. When feces is passing from the lower intestine into the colon and rectum, it is painful. When my bladder is expanding, I can feel it, like an unpleasant "raw" and "rubbing" feeling. When I pee or poop, it hurts "inside" as the bladder is deflating or the feces is passing into the rectum. There is no pain where the urine and feces is leaving my body at all, just on the inside. It even hurts when gas is moving through my intestines in that area; it feels like sharp needles stabbing as it passes through and I can feel the pain as it moves towards my rectum, just like with the feces.

This is the strangest thing ever, and it is driving me crazy!! I had similar issues for about 3 months following a complete hysterectomy, and they did all kinds of tests and said it must just be scar tissue, but that was over 3 years ago, so I have no idea what is happening now.

Anyone else ever experience this? :$


I have had bad pain on my left for about 2weeks now.What ever i eat or drank makes it hurt.Yes I have been pooping it is not that.But I do have IBS can IBS turn into colon cancer?