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Wondering if anyone can help me..My period last came on July 31st 2012.. its now Sept 4th 2012 and i still haven't seen any signs of a period. I usually cramp, bloat, and basically get all the signs a week before..I got these symptoms 2 weeks ago. But my last period wasnt as bad as it usually is..I usually have to go to the hospital every month because my cramps and symptoms are so bad. (vomitting, diarrhea, nausea, headaches, bad cramps, fainting, and low blood pressure) People have been telling me it may be because my weight and size, but i dont know how true that is....I am 24 5 even and weigh 93lbs

Me and my boyfriend have unprotected sex but I have NEVER gotten pregnant in 6 years!

A lot of people on forums don't understand me and call me "dumb" for not going to the doctor

I don't have any health insurance to see a GYN so I have to go to the free clinic which, where I live at, all they check for are STDs and infections, they are not going to give a free thorough exam..

can anyone help with some advice or has this happened to someone before?

thanks :)


Hello, well you did not get pregnant for 6 years so I don’t see a reason why would you be pregnant know if nothing has changed. I just think that your problems are period related. I’ve personally known a girl from my high school and she would have to go to a hospital each month when she was about to get her period. She was not skinny but rather fat, so I don’t think your weight is causing this. Some girls just have their cycle tough and you have to deal with it.

Also, there are other things that could affect your period and cause you to be late. Recent use of medications or drugs, being under a lot of stress, having anxiety issues or even a flu can cause menstrual changes. You don’t have to go to a clinic to see if you are pregnant. Just get a home pregnancy test and check for pregnancy. Make sure you take it first thing in the morning when you wake up. Hope this helps



Hi and thanks...I was referring to the clinic being if it was another issue going on.
I woke up this morning around 9 with really bad cramps thinking okay my period has came on...instead of seeing any signs i still have the cramps but it isn't like the type of cramps i usually have..
and a drop of blood as came out....
not the usual blood color either.. more of a link pinkish color...
I haven't had any weird discharge or odory discharge only clear mucusy looking..
haven't been sick or stressing about anything much until now that I see my period is this late.
took a pregnancy test last night that came back negative
my mother says i could have conceived and its too early to tell but I am not sure how true that is.


I'm 37days late could I be pregnant my period come on March 31n lasted till April 5 haven't had it yet and worried I might be pregnant


Me and my bf are worried,because until now i haven't period.
My fisrt day of last period is august 23 2016.end of august 28 2016..
But now is october 4,.until now haven't period.
So i can ask,if i am a pregnant?