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I have had this constant pressure in my upper abdomen, right below my ribcage. It also tends to move into my chest so I have such great pressure that I feel like I can't fully breathe. I've seen many doctors and a GI and all tests have come back negative. I have done stress test in my heart, was normal, xrays normal, artery scans normal, will do gallstones and a hiatal hernia checks next week, I've been on antacids for the entire months, but they have not helped at all. I'm taking Motrin 400mg three times a day for a possibility of Costochondritis, the discomfort has been reduced, but not gone, at times it is worst than others, usually when sitting for too long. Last night, I felt my heart pounding for a short period of time rapidly, about three times that happened, not sure if related. Any help will be appreciated, thanks


Have you had surgery to prevent acid reflux? The last time I felt the chest pain is when  I needed to have surgery for a hital hernia.  I still have the pressure right below the rib cage.


No, no surgery for me yet, not even sure the doctors know what is wrong yet. Will have endoscopy done, and more tests, but they haven't told me anything yet, it is very frustrating not to know what is wrong, get very afraid at times, I think the heart palpitations were made worst by me thinking it is something bad that is happening.....again, it is very frustrating, you would think they would have the means of diagnosing things better these days....


It took them five years after i decided to seek medical outside of the VA hospital. I had been to the emergency room numberous time. one emergency room doctor actuallly made the right diagnose. from that report i finally had surgery in 2009 after several tests. My surgery to prevent acid reflux had twisted and was cutting my blood flow. After the surgery i could feel some relief. still had acid reflux, but alive.


Hello guys here to

I am replying for your questions : I have the same kinda feelling and after reading all your conversations i noticed we all are suffering from a same pain !

lets put all symptoms beside each other n figure out what is goin on :

- extenssive heart beat caused by caffein

- moving to left side n weird feeling increases

- some food case major discomfort

-ecg n cardio gram doesnt show anythng n show normal situation !!

- stomach bag is on the left side

as u might noticed it is a feeling in relation with stomatch n vagus erve! vagus nerve is a nerve that is sharing pulses between heart & stomache so anything wrong with stomche will irretrate vagus nerve n vagus nerve will giggle heart beats!

i belive the cure for tis problem is to chew well ur meal actually more than other peopl do !

do not drink acid drinks like coca 7up...

dont use spices

try to relief yout stomache inside layer with jelly deserts n boilled potatos these two are perfect cure for your stomache inside layer !!

avoide stress n axiety

try to chew peperminth gum after meal

consume pure peperminth tea

u can melt a sppon of honey in a peperminth cup of tea n have it one hour after ur meal

and last but not least meditation & inner peace.

I hope it can be helpful