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I have had pain in my right lower abdomen for years. I was diagnosed with diverticulitus years ago and I have taken bell alk w/phenobarb for years when I would have an episode with my right lower abdomen. For the last 6 months my right lower abdomen hurts constantly and I have to take the medicine several times a day. Everything that I have read about diverticulitus says that the pain is in the left lower abdomen not the right.
I am afraid that taking that much phenobarb is not good for me and since it has gotten to be a constant pain I was wondering if I should contact my doctor and have a colonoscopy done.
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Jo Ann Hill


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The pain in right lower abdomen could provoke many different disorders or diseases. Yes, one of most common diverticulitis symptoms is abdominal pain and cramp in region of lower left abdomen. If infection is the cause, fever, nausea, vomiting, chills, cramping, and constipation may occur as well.

Do you have any other symptoms except the abdominal pain?

Your main symptom, the pain in the right side of the abdomen, sounds more related to Appendicitis. It’s the inflammation of appendix. The pain usually begins near the navel and moves down and to the right. In later stages the pain becomes worse when moving, taking deep breaths, coughing, sneezing, and being touched, mostly in the right abdominal area.

So don’t use any meds before you get the right diagnosis.

I would suggest you to ask your gastroenterologist for advice ASAP!

I hope this would help you!

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I also think you need to see your doc right away. I think that the drug was prescribed to you for pain episodes not constant pain. A person who suffers from

diverticulitus may feel the pain in the right abdomen as well and sometimes in the middle.

It is also important to get checked to see if an underlying condition has developed.

What is your nutrition like? Have you modified it once you were diagnosed with diverticulitus?

Considering you have constant pain, I would have it checked asap. Sometimes it happens (although rarely), that a diverticulum perforates, spilling bowel contents into the abdomen cavity and causing peritonitis. If this happens, a person experiences severe and constant pain and may lead to complications, even death if not treated.


It's like looking in a mirror when I read about your condition. I have had the same problem and symptoms for around 7-8 years and have had every test possible run on me. I was diagnosed with Diverticulitus and was placed on two different kinds of medication, but because I've been on this medicine for so long, they are no longer helping to control the pain in my lower right side. I'm at my wits end. Can't find a solution or a Doctor for help. can't keep living day after day with this pain.


been there done that, the colonoscopy that is, ultra sound twice & nothing has been found, I've been hurting for a year now, along with decelerating disk in my neck & back, and dark spots & bad dead skin on the bottom of my feet....oh, alos body aches... But no diagnoses yet...