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There seems to be a swollen gland of some sort under my jaw bone on the left side. It hurts to move my neck, talk, and pretty much to breathe. I've been told that it's the result of some sort of infection, but I don't have a sore throat or anything. The only thing is that people say I've been a bit pale since the appearance of this swollen gland. Several days before the glad became swollen, a strange bump appeared between where my gum is and where it connects to the lip. It started out as an innocent bump, then became raw and inflamed and now anything I eat hurts it and it's very painful to talk/make facial expressions, etc. Is there a relation between the two, and what should I do about this? Any specific ideas on exactly what's going on? Thanks for the help!


seems we are experiecing the same symptoms.. My "lump" accured in my upper interior lip area where the lip meets the gum.. Dr. had no idea what it was .. even when it got so soar it was raw.. they said maybe "thrush"  now my chin is so soar I can't touch it and my gums are recessing from my lower teeth.. I am hopeing that the dentist I am going to see next week will be able to help.