You just described me!! I'm begging for help. The thing is after 5 years of begging for help my endo agreed that my goiter was gagging me and it might help me to take just that side out. 2 weeks after my surgery the surgeon told me he found a huge parathyroid tumor behind my goiter. He had never seen one and was excited about it. I just knew that I felt so much better already. I had no pain, no tingling, no muscles jerking, no shaking, no rapid heart spells, so much energy. I could go on but you get the picture. My MD and Endo could not believe what he found because they tested me for high calcium and it was normal. Never got above 10. Anyway, one month after surgery and I was exercising 4 times a week gaining strength feeling better than I could ever remeber feeling. I was smart again, could focus and remember names of my clients, read and retain it.
Then about 4 months later the wicked hot flashes started, leaving me weak, lightheaded, and my heart pounding. From there the tingling, numbness, muscles jerking, so weak I couldn't even vacuum my floors without feeling completely exhausted and my heart rate up in the 100's. I'm Afraid to take anything because of the reactions. I was just told I need a Hip Replacement and I have very thin bones. They told me to take Vitamin D..... that was disasterous. All of my symptoms became so much worse, my heart went crazy and my kidneys tried to shut down. It took forever to calm back down to normal bad. And even then my labs were normal. I need a Dr who can Diagnose me. And not just say its very rare to have a second parathyroid tumor and send me home. I don't wish this on anyone.