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Yesterday when i woke up i had some wet stuff( sperm) on my penis(first time) so i rubbed it off hardly with a piece of cloth but now the nead of my penis seem to be peeling off( quite a big piece)and the flesh wherepeelin is is all red. Why is this and How to treat it?


99% likely that the right question is the one you ask at the end: how to treat it - but the question is how to treat the penis gently, not the peeling skin. The head of the penis in particular is, if you'll pardon the metaphor, a bit like the cover of a heat seeking missile: it is deliberately sensitive, even by comparison to the skin on the rest of the penis.

Ultimately, the job of the head is to ensure that when the sensation is greatest (ideally when you're deep inside a woman), the head reacts and triggers an orgasm, ejecting sperm, and - as far as nature is concerned - hopefully meeting an egg and creating a baby.

If nature supplies a sensitive covering, and you then essentially rub it off with sandpaper, then nature will say thanks, I really didn't need that, discard the now damaged skin, and replace it with healthy skin. Just as well really - good as new, even when mistreated - just don't push it too far.

If your skin starts peeling off and you haven't been either cleaning it or masturbating with excessive force (you are now old enough by your declaration to produce sperm, so I trust it is legitimate to refer to both masturbation and intercourse in this discussion), then yes, you may have an issue worth visiting a doctor or clinic.

If the situation only arises occasionally (once every few months or so, or few years) and you are admit to your self that perhaps you got a little rough or carried away, then it's just healing and renewing the skin.

Final word, always: if in doubt, ask, not here, but a doctor, in person - they've seen it all before, they know you're embarassed, and they know that nothing they can say will stop the embarassment, so go along, be embarassed, and ask. Better safe than sorry.