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i had the mirena coil removed on the 24 july 2008 and on that same day had sex with my partner then on the 26 started bleeding (dark red) could i still be pregnant 8-| :'( ?


 I was wondering about Mirena coil and side effects after you remove it. My best friend had it and after removal she gained 10 pounds! Her sister had incident with Mirena coil during her period it has just slipped out. So I have gave up on using it myself.


What is the reason you have removed it? You want to conceive or something else?


I have read that bleeding is one of the side effects after you remove Mirena coil and that this can happen if during the removal procedure the wall of the womb was damaged. So if your bleeding continues you should visit your doctor immediately.


And I believe that chances of being pregnant are low but you never know so if the bleeding has stopped buy pregnancy test and check by yourself. And if you are trying to stay pregnant I wish you good luck.