YESSS! I have experienced the same thing. Once the boil comes to a head and drain, it's leaves a sore and the sore takes forever to go away. I found that if I don't wear panties, the sore will some what dry up faster. But as soon as it is almost gone, I get a boil and it comes right back and fill up with white stuff and blood(like a pimple ready to be popped). I have spoken to my doctor several times about it. I have taken multiple antibiotics and topical creams. Nothing seems to work. I really discovered that the boils show up when I am about to have my cycle. The boil cream helps with the pain and a hot hot towel and hold it there for a couple of minutes and repeat about three times twice a day for about two days and the boils will subside, but for me the sore remains. One time my doctor performed some kind of procedure I guess he lanced the sore left behind from a boil and it dried up completely and never returned in that spot. it just showed up somewhere else later though. Now the sore has this hard line that leads from the sore to my bikini line. I don't know what's going on. One other doctor told me it was folliculitis (inflammation of the hair follicles).