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So I am wondering about post meal insulin admisteration.. I am type 1 diabetic and I take insulin before my meals but I never heard of taking it after a meal.  I read about someone taking it after eating and I thought that was a bit strange because the blood sugar would have a chance to get high, especially if you had a long time to eat like at a big meal at a family dinner, for instance.  Has anyone else heard of post meal insulin administeration?  I don't think I would benefit because I would be afraid of my sugars going up before the insulin was given. I take regular insulin about a half hour before I eat right now.  That gives it a chance to be in my system by then.  I wonder if many people go into hyperglycemia if they wait to take their insulin?  That wouldn't be good, so why would doctors prescribe it like that?  I am just curious is all.


I have never heard of taking any insulin after a meal, unless a person suspects that their sugars are not right and find they need insulin to bring them down.  Insulin is usually administered before and perhaps during a meal.  Depending on the type of insulin will determine when a diabetic needs to eat.  If fast acting insulin is used, the meal needs to be eaten within 15 minutes.  If it is regular insulin, the diabetic should eat in 30 minutes.  Insulin therapy is needed when the pancreas can no longer produce insulin to provide the body’s needs.  It should be followed as the doctor prescribes as to prevent any hyperglycemia or low blood sugars.  It is very important to adhere to the diabetic program to stave off any diabetic complications that may arise.