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Can someome over the age of 18 become pregnant if their period is irregular or if they do not have a period at all?


Yes, they can. If a woman is having irregular periods, it means that she is still ovulating and that she can get pregnant, the only problem is that she doesn’t know when she will be ovulating. This is hard for those women who are trying to get pregnant. If you were thinking about using this as a contraceptive method, I will immediately advise you not to do that. Even if your periods are irregular, you need to use contraceptives, either pills or condoms, etc because ovulation could occur any time and you can easily get pregnant.

Now, absence of periods doesn’t necessarily mean that you are not ovulating. Some girls don’t menstruate because they are underweight or have other medical conditions, also women who breastfeed or women going through perimenopause can be without periods but still ovulate.

In case you are thinking about getting pregnant and have been unable to do so for quite some time, then you should consult your doctor, have your hormonal levels checked and see what the problem is.
There are drugs that are used for inducing ovulation, correcting irregular ovulation, increasing egg production and also correcting luteal phase deficiency i.e. helping you get pregnant.

Have you been trying to get pregnant or were you just wondering because of your irregular periods?