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CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP? HAVING PROBLEMS WITH STOMACH?BOWELMOVEMENTS? Hi everyone I'm a 31 year old female with chronic stomach/bowel problems for as long as I can remember. Years ago I had constant stomach pain/diarrhea everyday. I've had several tests done such as x-rays cat scans 2 colonoscopys and an upper (GI) to determine what the cause could be. I was diagnosed with IBS and gerd. A few times I was hospitalized due to inflammation. I also had my gallbladder removed in January 2005. I still have stomach pain/attacks that are similar to the gallbladder attack. However for the last few years I've been constipated having a BM every 2-3 weeks. Over the last 2 weeks I've been feeling a lot worse. I've been having a sharp pain in my rectum that comes in goes in lasts about a minute. The same pain is on the right side of my stomach. I also get a warm sensation in my stomach that comes and goes. It's not painful and feels nothing like the burning from acid. Last Friday I took a suppository and was able to pass very little. Three days later I had a very large BM with white mucus/discharge all over it. Then the next day I had the worst diarrhea. Throughout the day I'm also having attacks that make me nauseous,throw up,acid burn,sweaty.dizzy Also I'm eating but have an empty hunger feeling in my stomach all the time. I have made an appointment with a gastrologist but that isn't until another 2 weeks. If anyone can please help me with these questions I am worried 1. Are these normal symptoms for IBS. 2. What else could this possibly be. 3. What can be causing the warm feeling in my stomach 4. What could of caused the white mucus/discharge in my bowel movement 5. Why do I feel a hungry/empty feeling in stomach even after I eat. 6. Is it true that IBS is a made up diagnosis when the doctor doesn't find something wrong with you. 7. How come I keep getting dizzy,sweaty,throwing up and having pain.


Im no doc but I would suggest a few things... make sure you are drink lots of water- try different temps of water ( a friend of mine swears by hot water for a bm and I swear by drinking a full glass of cold water quickly in the morning.). I would ask a doc about the mucus as it could be linked to a couple different things (undigested fat or the constipation -it sat in your bowels for a while so it could have gotten foul or the obdy may have been trying to coat it so it was less irritating to the bowels).  Part of what you are experiencing sounds like something I experienced before I figured out that I was lactose intolerant. I was constantly naseaus, bloated and would randomly vomit. I also fell hungry and bloated at the same time even if i ate. (although you might want to ask a doc about parasites because of the hunger). I thought I might be preggers but that wasn't it. The sudden poos after constipation is common (colloquially called a blowout). The pain could def be from the constipation and it sounds like you might be impacted (built up poo will do several things: 1. press on your intestines uncomfortably 2. can cause hemmroids 3. keeps the waste and toxins in the body - which may explain the dizzy, sweating yuck you have been feeling.  So- my suggestion is to eliminate dairy and allergenic foods like dairy, eggs, wheat (rotate so as to keep your sanity and to figure out what is the cause) and do everything you can to POOP! So... water, prune juice, vitamin C, oatmeal, more water, etc.  You could also try the 'Master Cleanse' for two or three days to jump start the process but be ready for poos.  Master cleanse= cayenne pepper, fresh squeezed lemon juice and grade B maple syrup (I also will sometime substitute local honey for the maple syrup and I like to add ginger powder too).  Good luck!!!! Let me know how things go!