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Hi, 21 years old and sharing a whole world problem – my pores are blocked, and I have pimples and pus-filled blisters. The pimples erupt downwart, into the skin and the those pus-filled cysts are developing into abscesses. My dermatologist told me I have deep acne. Could that infection spread? Is it dangerous for my face?


Hi, I have studied acne (and still can`t get rid of them). Also have pus-filled blisters (pustules), but they form without abscesses, so called superficial acne. The cause of your problem are probably bacteria that grows in the plugged pores, irritating your skin and giving you all those well known blackheads and whiteheads. Irritated blacks and whites produce acne. In deep acne, the infection may spread. If it does, you will know because your face will be red and you will have inflamed areas, cysts and abscesses which may leave scars – you must take a treatment before your puss-filled blisters and pimples does spread.


There is a home treatment that may be beneficial to you. Though I can not make any absolute guarentees; I do know that it has worked for many people suffereing from various acne and cyst issues. First I will share the simple treament options I am aware of and then I will share a few things you can do that may help prevent or at least lessen in the future.

Lemon juice from fresh lemons. Lemons contain a natural substance that kills pore-clogging bacteria. It works for some cysts as well by putting a lemon slice on affected area for a few hours and then let it have air for awhile and reapply this can take a few days but each day their should be a considerable difference in size. It will also have an effect on tunneling beneath the skin surrounding the area.

Curcumin and lauric acid which are both found in turmeric spice and coconut oil, are also effective in treating acne.

Pure Raw honey that hasn't had all the good stuff removed from it is anti-microbal, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal as well.

Adding these to your diet can also help from the inside out. Water especially. Add a slice or two of lemon to water and you have a drink that gives as much energy as soda, is much healthier, restores ph balance to your body and aids in cleaning blood and detoxing liver.

What we put in our bodies matters! Soda, sugar, HFCS, MSG, junkfood and processed foods contain additives that wreck havoc on our bodies flooding it with toxins. Which can lead to poor liver function where the liver can't keep up with the toxins to rid our bodies of the junk so it builds up causing all kinds of health issues. Thanfully if caught in time the liver is amazing and can regenerate itself and heal completely! Even medical tests won't be able to tell there was ever a problem! However, the liver can only do this so many times from a bad state so a permanent lifestyle change to a liver friendly diet is what will keep the liver funtioning at optimal levels.

A epson salt bath once a week is also benefical to the skin and body in many ways softening skin and helping draw toxins out of the body easing the work load off your liver a bit.

I encourage you to google all of this information to find out more and verify.

Wishing you the best. I hope this information is helpful to you.