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I am now a 27-year-old female. This I know to be true: I have some type of scleroderma. My symptoms have progressed as follows:

· (Approx. 5 years ago) – Large lump on my right forearm. I was pregnant; doctors assumed I bumped my arm. Lump was sensitive to touch, so I assumed the doctors were correct.
· (~6 months later) – Skin around lump became dark, thick & hard. Dark spots appear on right hand. Skin on hand became thick & hard. Hand became extremely sensitive to touch & began having severe cramps daily. Hard solid knots began to form on top of the hand & on the knuckles. Doctor assumed it was carpel tunnel, but the nerve test was normal.
· (~ 6 months later) – White & Dark spots & thick/hard skin appear on right shoulder. Began experiencing numbness, tingling, & severe intense muscle cramps in right arm daily.
· (~ 6 months later) – Dark spots & thick/hard skin appear on right leg, just under knee. Began having muscle cramps in foot daily.
· (~ 2 years later) – A dermatologist clinically diagnosed me with morphea. Increased pain on right side of neck & frequent headaches. X-ray revealed reversal of the curvature in the neck. Doctors say I have a constant muscle spasm in neck causing the spine to reverse its curve. Reason for muscle spasm is unknown. Also, after many tests, reason for frequent numbness, tingling, coldness, & extreme sensitivity to touch in right arm & leg is unknown.
· (~ 6 months later) – Began having joint pain in right wrist, knuckles, shoulder, knee, & hip. Decreased joint flexibility. Skin on right side of face thickening. Massage therapist says muscles on entire right side of body were extremely hard. Rheumatologist says blood tests were normal & (without physical exam) I have morphea and fibromyalgia. Gave Rx for flexeril, Prozac, & naproxen (I discontiue due to allergic reaction).
· (~ 6 months ago – Present) – Began having frequent severe reflux, occasional difficulty swallowing, ulcers in esophagus, frequent mouth ulcers, red spots all over arms & chest, & severely chapped lips.

PLEASE HELP! What is wrong with me?


From what I know about Scleroderma, your symptoms seem to align with it. It tends to be genetic; do you have any family members with the disease?

It sounds like you're not comfortable with the diagnosis, and/or how 'it' is progressing. Have you searched around for a doctor that might specialize in the treatment of Scleroderma? It's hard because Scleroderma is an autoimmune disease and it sounds like you're kind of jumping around to different doctors to treat your symptoms; which I understand because there are no 'autoimmune disease' doctors!

My first step would be to search for a doctor that is familiar with and specializes in Scleroderma. Sometimes doctors take an interest in a certain syndrome or disease and they know so much more about how to treat it. If the doctor confirms the diagnosis, hopefully he will have a treatment that will work for you, and if not, you'll know to seek out help elsewhere.

I wish I could be of more help to you! Hopefully someone on the site knows more about it than I do. Bottom line though is that if you're not comfortable, don't stop until you are!

Hope that helps a bit! :-) Hang in there.


I had some similar issues, was diagnosed with henoch-schonlein purpura. (I actually threw up quarts of blood from the ulcers, which were made worse by the reflux.) Could also be Sjogren's, or both.