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I am looking for a hypoparathyroid surgeon in Texas and my endocrinologist just gave me the name of Dr. Shelby Holt in Dallas, Texas who specializes in MIRP surgery. This surgeon is an endocrinologist who is located at 5353 Harry Hines Blvd #6-10 Dallas, TX 75390. You definitely do not want the whole parathyroid removed as this is not recommended due to causing worse problems. Dr. Holt does the minimally invasive surgery. My understanding is the more of these procedures a doctor has done the more likely they are excellent at their results. Hope things go well. I also need a surgeon, but I need one on my Health Spring North Texas Preferred (PPO) Medicare insurance plan. Anyone who can help?


If you are referring to "hyper"parathyroidism, then yes, my recommendation is to refer to the AAES's list of surgeons and surely one of them are covered by your PPO.  Good luck:-)