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My mother had undergone a spinal cord TB surgery in 2000. She finds hard to walk for a long distance and she is over-weight. She was comepletely bed-ridden before surgery for 1 yr. I am very much worried about her condition


Well, being over-weight and old(er) certainly contribute to slow recovery.

What did the doctors say about her bad recovery? Did she undergo a physical therapy, went to spa for recovery, etc?

How much effort did she put into recovery and what is her overall mood like? Positive attitude and persistency have a lot to do with a recovery. If she was not willing to work on it, then success is likely to stay behind.

Were there any problems in healing, or did anything went wrong after the surgery to make her recovery so slow?

My brother had a spinal fusion done and he was on his feet on no time. Of course, he worked a lot on it and is younger (I suppose), he even stopped smoking before and after the surgery, which was amazing.