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I have taken pain meds for years and have quit once before for quite awhile, but went back on them for medical reasons and just like before, have ended up abusing them. I take oxycodone anywhere from 90 to 150 mg per day. I know I can do this, but I also know I cannot do it alone and really need the support or any advice. I am doing this cold turkey and don't have insurance, so obtaining any prescriptions for withdrawal isn't an option. I didn't use anything the last time either other than benadryl and immodium and as many fluids as possible. I know its going to feel awful, it already does, but my level of shame and fear over this addiction is worth any amount of physical temporary withdrawal pain. I'm writing this all now, because the withdrawals haven't become severe yet and when they do, that's when I begin to forget just how brave I may be feeling now and know that I will need the support and the reminders that this IS temporary. I have been through so much and conquered so many battles and this is the last ugly demon that must go so that I can live freely. I thank you for reading this and appreciate that there is a safe place for me to be honest with others and know that I am not alone. I appreciate your help in advance and hope you are all well :)


hi megan,

i also take 50mg of # 10 oxycodone a day, i"m in pain managment for a lisfranc fracture that never healed and i need another surgery but no insurance etc. etc. this is not about me. ( i just wanted you to know i can relate) !

ok so first ? how do you pay for your meds, oxyi costs alot? because you can go to the hospital and they will give you tools you need to do this the right way.

2nd you should not do oxyi cold turkey, theres just so many reasons why.

3rd. some of us have alot of pysical pain,that i know for me can not walk without pain meds,even with it its hard.

4th but most important,you can message me anytime i will get back to you as quick as i can,i stay up really late and get up well kind of if i can help you in anyway, it would be my honor. been there done that!!