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Ive recently been to my Dr with period problems. She said that she thinks I have a problem with my thyroid because my blood pressure is high and so is my pulse rate (although this could be because I was nervous about going to her). She thinks im stessed and my thyroid is making too much cortisol and this is what is causing my problems. Ive had some blood tests and im waiting for the results. Does anyone know what might be wrong? What are the treatment options? What if the results show that my thyroid is normal- is there something else it could be?


What kind of period problems do you have? Maybe you have problems with other (female) hormones? Do you have any eating disorders?

Did you see a gynecologist or a GP about the problem? You should wait and see what the thyroid hormones tests show. If the thyroid gland is making too much thyroid hormone, it could be influencing your cortisol levels and in that case you may take some medications to bring the thyroid levels back to normal.

It is very hard to say without having all the details, let us know how it went with the tests and what the doc suggested.


Ive started to bleed in between periods. I have a normal (heavy) period and then a lighter one a few days later. Im also in a lot of pain and have tummy and back ache and have even been sick and passed out because of it.
As far as I know I do not have any problems with other hormones although Im not sure if I have been tested for them.
I don't have any eating disorders and I am otherwise healthy.
I went to see my GP about the problem.
I got the results back today and they showed that my thyroid is functioning normally. They also however showed that my cortisol levels are high. My GP said that this is because I am stressed and told me not to worry about it. She thinks I should wait for a couple of months to see if things settle down and if they dont she will do further investigations.
Thanks for your help.


Stress raises cortisol levels and prolonged exposure to stress can certainly rise all sorts of health troubles and you wouldn’t even suspect it is stress. This could be true but I would also suspect some “female” problems according to your symptoms.

Have you been checked by a gynecologist? You certainly should because there are many things that could be causing your symptoms.

Ovarian cysts are usually harmless and go away on their own in about three months time but can be very symptomatic causing pain in the pelvic area, breakthrough bleeding, pain in the ovarian area during ovulation and during periods, even bleeding after sex, etc
Sometimes ovarian cysts may become big and even filled with blood threatening to burst. This could be dangerous!
There is a disorder called endometriosis. It is when uterine lining grows elsewhere besides uterus. This lining is also supposed to be shed during periods but it has no place to go if it grows on ovaries, bowels or bladder and it may cause very strong pains.

I think that your next stop should be a gynecologist.