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For the past month, I have had very strong metallic smelling urine. In the past week, my breath has also been very bad smelling. I haven't had an overabundance of 'asparagus.' I was on a low carb diet for a while but haven't been for the last two weeks. I did a vision quest 2 weeks ago and didn't eat for four days, but this problem started long before my vision quest. Any suggestions?



Most urine complications and variations are usually connected with urinary tract infection. The good thing would be to rule out urinary tracts infection. You can do this with urine test at the hospital. It can also be an bladder infection but all of this need to be tested first. Sometimes it can be a side effect from medicine.

Do you take enough liquids? Sometimes dehydration can cause many problems and even changes in your urine. Metallic odor accompanied with brown color of urine are often caused by dehydration of the body, so to avoid this you need to have enough water and other liquids per day. This condition is usually temporary thing.


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