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My Dad was an 81 year old healthy man celebrating his recent birthday at my house with a big birthday party and swimming in the pool having loads of fun and laughter.   

The very next day, we got him into the Emergency Room as he started to become lepthargic, fever, and unresponsive.  24 hours later he was diagnosed with West Nile Virus with Encephalitis.   His fever finally broke after back and forth peaks reaching 103 for a duration of  5 days.   He is very lethargic, but all during the course of the time he could tell you what hospital he was in, the president of the US, and his wife's name.  He continues to be lethargic, and will eat but we have to feed him.  He does recognize us by name and will say hello  to us by our name when we prompt him or ask him a question. 

Once in a while we see progress where he will ask how long he has been in the hospital.   Or he will tell my Mom he loves her when she says it to him.   He seems to have a hard time to say the words he wants to say -- like they won't come out but he is thinking them.  Tonight my Mom cried on his shoulder and he cried too.  

My God can't anyone tell us whether we should be encouraging him to stay awake or encouraging him to do therapy.   Some doctors say let him rest, some say therapy.   Primary doctors no longer visit the hospitals.   It seems the hospitalists ( this is what they now call the attending physician on staff) never talk to one another to learn about the history of the patient.

Can't we get a neurosurgeon or a doctor from Texas (we are in NY) who has gone thru this with patients to offer at least minimally suggestions on treatment ?  Are the doctors from one state talking to the doctors from another state ?   I read every night what the symptoms are of the West Nile Virus with Encephalitis as well as the number of cases including death.   Very minimal articles written on treatment as I am told there are none.   Does anyone have any suggestions ?  Please don't explain to me what West Nile Virus is with Encephalitis -- as I already know and witness this part.   

Feel very alone and sad. 





My dad also has westNile encephalitis. It took the dr 10 days to determine that it was encephalitis.  All my dad wants is sleep.    He was admitted on 9/10/12 and today is 9/25/12.   Sometimes he can respond but not clearly.  We have to put him in a nursing home   We don't know what kind of brain damage he might have.  He is 77 and has other health issues but I am not giving up on him. Did your father want to sleeppond if so how many days/ months did it take