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Just interested, how you getting along. Drug free?. I hope so. Perception is a handy tool is something I found helpful. I send all of us belief in yourself and the thought that being in a battle with yourself is pointless. You don't need luck when you believe in yourself. It's a juggernaught of a system and unconditional trust is dumb. Onwardmarcher.



I don’t know if this thread is still active, but I’ve spent the past hour reading through posts and I’m feeling more positive about my (4th) withdrawal attempt.

UK, up to 32 tabs of 12.8/500 a day.

Thank you all so much for sharing, I hope to put the useful tips to good use and, although I’m not going to be this optimistic in a day or so, I hope to be free of this 7 year addiction.



Hi have been coming of them for six weeks after a stay in hospital for stomach ulcers
I came off the slowly as recommended by my doctor
And I have not had any for three days now and all you read on her I have had it’s been so hard. But I know it will be all Worth it
I was put on them when I had a hip replacement that went wrong and left me in pain. I was taking 8 tablets 30/500g a day
If you set your mind about it you will do it. Not going to say it is easy but read everything on here and lots of tips
And has really helped me best of luck


Withdrawal stretches time, but it will pass and you will be so happy you persevered xx


I was given a prescription for them for tonsillitis and they also helped me sleep (I’ve only taken 4 of the water solvable ones). I haven’t taken one for 4 days and I haven’t slept at night since. It’s driving me crazy but the last thing i wanna do is take one to sleep so I totally sympathise with you


Hi all I'm a 31 year old male who is detoxing from zapain 30/500. I have been taking roughly 15-20 tablets a day. At 1st I started using them for server toothache but then carried on and here I am today a year and half later. I decided to stop cold turkey 30 hours ago, the withdrawal symptoms are starting to kick in but I defo need to kick this habit. Wish me luck


Hi... as this thread stoped?? So heartwarming and comforting to read abt all ur story's.. I'm currently on day 4 of cold turkey and to be fair its manageable n I wer takin 40 plus a day for 5 month. Did ave a relapse 6 month ago coz of how east they r to obtain but that issue as been sorted and this will be the last time a go threw this. Hope u all found price n got rid of thes demon pills Malcolm xx



I have a constant salty taste in my mouth all the time for 8 weeks I only take one tablet a night for back pain. I am wondering is it the Co-Codamol. Cannot taste any thing. Has any one had that problem to


Good luck, I have been taking co codamol for years and needed your insight with withdrawal. Hope you feel better soon


Hi, Codeine Addiction is a a terrible experience. I was taking 5 pills at a time 30/500 around 9 times per day. As you are probably aware the danger is the Paracetamol and not the Codeine but the addiction is the Codeine. My main reason for stopping was that taking such a high dosage of Paracetamol was dangerous. However surprisingly my Liver Count was only slightly raised and only slighty abnormal. How this could be I have no idea.
I can tell you how I quit and perhaps this method will work for you,
Firstly I set it in my head that I would quit. You need to want to quit. The problem arises when you start to get the ill effects of withdrawal. So I prepared myself for this.

Remember I was taking 5 x 30/500 in one go 9 times per day!
What I did was this:

1. Set the date in my head when I was going to stop.
2. Plan How I would attempt it.

Once I had the date set in my head Which was about a week away. I made appropriate arrangements to get enough pills to see me through from start to finish. I had worked out roughly how many boxes of 100 tablets I would need. Which was about 3 boxes. These 3 boxes would normally last me 1 week. I also stocked up on anti diarrea tablets. Without th anti diarrea tablets you will definitely not manage my method. So these are a must.

After researching things I discovered that although possible to go Cold Turkey it would not be the right way for me and would be the hardest way for most people. Going Cold Turkey is like an extreme prolonged does of the worst Influenza you can imagine. The easiest way is gradual reduction of consumption and also to extend the period of time between doses.

Codeine has quite a short half life so the body doesn’t hold onto it for too long. Maybe a few days at most. However Withdrawal for me started very quickly. I was used to taking mines every couple of hours. If my body wasn’t fed the codeine then it would soon let me know. Initial withdrawal in the first hour etc is quite mild and nothing more than a nagging feeling and the urge that you need to take more.

Imagine Codeine is a MONSTER – which it is. The Monster needs to be fed or it gets nasty and angry. You need to gain control over the monster and become its master.

I didn’t set myself any hard and fast rules on how long i would set. But I had an idea that I could be free completely within 3 weeks without suffering any major symptoms.

So it was quite simply setting the date then beginning the process, and carrying on with my life as per usual. If you go Cold Turkey you will be bed bound – except for frequent rushes to the toilet.

Day 1 - Dose 1 – I took my normal dose of 5 x 30/500 when I woke up. At this point your body is most in need as it has gone all night without.

Day 1 –Dose 2 – Once the craving for coding kicked in I held of taking the dose until I couldn’t wait any longer. This was around 30 minutes. At this point I took 1 anti diarrea tablet and 4 x 30/500

Day 1 – Dose 3 – Same as dose 2 – remember to wait as long as you can before giving in. Dont be hard on yourself too much if you only add 10 minutes instead of half an hour.

Day 1 Dose 4 Same as dose 3

Day 1 Dose 5 Same as above and so were the other 4 doses for that day.

Day 2 and 3 I continued as above but added an extra anti diarrea tablet as and when required. By day 3 i only required 7 doses as opposed to 9.

Day 4 – Dose 1 to 6 – reduced to 3 x 30/500 and regular 2 x doses of anti diarrea tablets as and when required. Remember only to feed the monster when he is starving and you just cant wait any longer.

Day 5 Same as day 4

Day 6 reduced the dosages from 6 to 5 times per day

Day 7 reduced the dosage from 3 x 30/50 to 2.5 5 times per day

Day 8 same as day 7

Day 9 reduced dosages to 4 times per day

Day 10 and 11 same as day 9.

Day 12 reduced dosage to 2 x 30/500 4 times per day.

For the next few days until day 15 i stayed on 2 x 30/500 4 times per day

Day 16 reduced dosage to 2 x 30/500 3 times per day

Day 17 reduced dosage to 1.5 x 30/500 3 times per day

Day 18 same as day 17
Day 19 reduced to 1 x 30/500 3 times per day
Day 20 reduced to 1 x 30/500 2 times per day
Day 21 reduced to 0.5 x 30/500 2 times per day
Day 22 same as day 21
Day 23 0.5 1 times per day
Day 24 0.25 1 times per day
Day 25 – completely free of taking codeine

So that is how i managed. I have to say it wasn’t a cakewalk. The biggest issue I had was gauging the diarrea tablets. And afterwards needed to gradually reduce the diarrea tablets over the next week. Eventually after around 4 weeks my bowel movements became normal again.

I hope this helps you.


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Was you on cocadamol 30/500 ones you can't get from chemist cause I'm down to my last 4 and worried whether to tell Dr or try cold turkey currently taking 8 a day but was taking 10,12 a few weeks while I was drunk


Dear all I’m in Ireland at present and because of the awful virus I’m stuck here , I’m addicted to sophpadein Codein extra Iv now almost run out and can’t purchase here I’m very very scared and along with the virus I don’t no how I’ll cope or survive without the codein please help x