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Hello! I have a ten years old son. Hi is very healthy child and he has been practicing karate for two years. All children from the club have regular medical check ups every six months. On his last check up his sport doctor said he should visit orthopedist since he has scoliosis. We did the X-ray of his spine and the orthopedist said he had only one curve of 15 degrees and that he should start with special exercises. I heard chiropractic could help scoliosis. Is this true?


Hello! Scoliosis affects between 2-3 percent of our population. It is very important to discover it early since this is the key of successful treating. First steps are usually watch and wait and if scoliosis worsens start with exercises or bracing. The final step is surgery.
There are many opposite meanings regarding chiropractic in general. It seems to be most effective for acute low back pain and tension headaches. I know some people who managed to achieve stabilization and reduction by the very specific chiropractic spinal adjustments which were based on analysis if their X-rays and by performing specific exercises at home. All of them had curves less then 20 degrees which proves again the fact how important is to start an early treatment. It is also very important to find skilful doctor of chiropractic who will apply chiropractic care appropriately. I think that combination of chiropractic and special daily exercises at home could be helpful.