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Positive ANA but everything else is negative. I am having constant joint pains that worsens at night

Hi my ANA was positive and my titer was a bit high, additional blood tests was done for lupus and my kidneys,liver,lungs and heart was checked and everything was normal.I have this constant joint pains that  worsens at night.I did abit of research is it possible that my vitamin D count...

by User avatar GAhmed

Why is it that you never see any information about Polymyalgia Rheumatica autoimmune disease?

Polymyalgia Rheumatica Why is it that you never see any information about PMR, there are many who suffer from this Autoimmune Disease. Is it because the most popular drug for this is Prednisone and not one of the new fancier drugs on the market that makes drug companies lots of money?...

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lyme disease burning in mouth and skin, numbness in feet...also cancer in abdomen.

I am about to have chemo for cancer (surgery 3 weeks ago) in my abdomen, Will the treatment make the Lyme symptoms worse?  bad enough now. I have numbness in the balls of my feet and my whole body has a burning feeling My mouth and lips burn and when I swallow I can feel it all the way...

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Diagnosed with an Autoimmune hepatitis and I continue to gain weight? I am on a prednisone

I was diagnosed with AIH in September and I continue to gain weight, not lose. I was on prednisone but it too strong for me and I ended up in the ER. My dr is starting me on Imuran in the next couple weeks so hopefully it won't do me like the prednisone did.

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My daughter is diagnosed with seronegative rheumatoid arthritis. Any insights or experience?

My daughter has been diagnosed with 'seronegative rheumatoid arthritis'. It's RA not picked-up thru a blood test. Any insights, knowledge, or experience with this?

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Need free polymyositis treatment? Any suggestions how to get it?

Free polymyositis treatment...? Please help

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Can exposure to PCB (polychlorinated Biphenyl) cause MS (multiple sclerosis)

Can exposure to PCB (polychlorinated Biphenyl) ,  cesium-137, cobalt -60, or sulfur mustard  poise cause Multiple Ss (MS)  or be inherited by children as ADHD or other problems? And is there any way to determine this?

by User avatar Tom

MS with a high sed rate of 67, it's been climbing for months

High sed rare of 67. It's been climbing  for months. Any ideas what I investigate or ask my doc to investigate. At first it was complicated cuz think my family doc thought my MS doc was looking after it but that's not the case; my MS doc just so happens to do monthly blood work and that's on...

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Comments and reviews on article "EndMS Set To Raise Millions For Finding Multiple Sclerosis Cure"

Answered by a doctor

Users comments and reviews on article EndMS Set To Raise Millions For Finding Multiple Sclerosis Cure by heidi

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Should I ask to get tested for Lupus?

Hey... so... grab some popcorn. This is going to be a long story. In October 2015 I started to get severely dry skin that would itch to no end and patches started turning white or red and scaly. It happened on my arms mostly and a little on my legs. It went away on its own a few months later....

by User avatar KaryMinuette