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why am I seeing blood after using IUD?

Can some one help me  see blood when I'm using UID

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Relationship doubts after stopping the pill? It feels like my feelings disappeared over night

So I stopped taking the pill (Loestrin 20) at the end of 2018.  Since then, I've had major doubts about my relationship - we have been together for three years - I'm 27 and he is 30.  It has caused me huge anxiety, which led to weight loss, insomnia, lack of appetite, not being able to...

by User avatar SEABlonde

Anxiety and Depression after stopping Birth Control Pill Zoely.

I stopped my BC, Zoely in August 2018 as I was starting to experience anxiety, racing heart for no reason whole sitting at my desk, fatigue and weakness, pains in my left shoulder , very strong sense of smell so everything made me feel nauseous. I went to see my gynea and he advised me to stop the...

by User avatar Kamzin0318

Levlen ED - long menstrual period. should we go off the contraceptive pill, or stay on it?

My 17 year old is on Levlen Ed aand has had her period for 2 weeks - should we go off the contraceptive pill, or stay on it. She has recently had the flu and has lost a bit of weight?

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I had two shots of mixed tequila right before i took plan b, and then i took two pills of advil

Answered by a doctor

I had two shots of mixed tequila right before i took plan b, and then i took two pills of advil, im honestly really scared, im to young to be a mom and have no money i want to know if any of that would affect it 

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Nexplanon removal

I am desperate for answers! I had my implant removed this Apr. 2018 after having it for two years since Apr. 2016. Since removal i've had prolonged periods for up to 2 months, or 2 weeks, sometimes even 2 days. Im currently on my period and its been almost 2 months. Im wondering if anyone has had...

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I recently took my birth control late, The pill I forgot was 2nd to last yellow pill

So, I recently took my birth control late. The pill I forgot was 2nd to last yellow pill. (Before the sugar pills). I take them everyday at 10:30 pm, I took it the next day at 4 and then the other 10:30 as normal. Am I safe?

by User avatar foolish passage

took plan b while on nexplanon and been bleeding for 15 days

Answered by a doctor

I've been on nexplanon for a year now and I don't  usually have a periods, I took plan b "just in case" and I stared bleeding a week later, now I've been bleeding for the past 13 days, at first it was just like brown discharge, then it was just a bit of blood and now is more...

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Messed up my birth control pill, could I be pregnant?

Answered by a doctor

So usually I'm pretty good about taking my pill on time. I am on Lutera tablets 28S. I messed up my pill though the last week of regular pills which is the week before the sugar pills. I almost always get my period the Tuesday during sugar pill week, which would have been July 18th, but I got it on...

by User avatar hopefullynot13

I do not have access to plan B, what should i use at home?

Answered by a doctor

Hello there im 17 and i had unprotected foreplay with my boyfriend yesterday i made sure his pe--s tip never touched my vag--a but was only on my clit. There had been precum. My period is in 1 day tho I don't have regular periods. What is my chance of getting pregnant and how can i abort at...

by User avatar noisome townhouse