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My kidneys are functioning normally, but I never pee after drinking alcohol. No fluid retention

hello everyone! i dont know from where to start, but i have this strange issue that i could not find any kind of information, never heard about this, internet has thousands of information, but NONE answer for my question and im desperate to know at least something why, what to do? problem is...

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A little blood in urine and abdominal pain. Peeing frequently and having sharp pain in urethra

I have a lil blood in my urine with abdominal pain as well as sharp shooting pain in my urethra and peeing more frequently and my bladder is still full is there anyone who has had this problem

by User avatar MAW

Bleeding a lot out of urethra, how serious is it? I need to wear a pad whole time

Hello, I am a female 28 and I have recently started to bleed out my urethra. It's to the point where I have to have a pad on all the time. It doesn't seem to be coming out of my vagina since it's located near my pee hole on the pad, I am putting a tampon in just to make sure.  I don't have...

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What is the cause of frequent urination and urgency?

What is the cause of frequent urination and urgency? How long can Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory pill cure urethritis?

by User avatar Henrywong03

has any of the women here had urethritis that comes and goes in the same day?

, Urethritis that comes and goes in same day, anyone had this, only one more day of antibiotics left , was much better this morning but now this evening suddenly all the burning come back after weeing again. Im 68 and had this twice in space of  6 weeks. So uncomfortable and burning when not...

by User avatar nanasue

I took tetracycline MK hydrochloride 500 mg for 7 days to get rid of Non specific urethritis

I am hoping to be able to help some of you ladies and gentlemen. After a lot of research I have discovered that the bacteria that causes non-gonococcal or non specific urethritis is so tiny that it cannot be seen with a microscope. That’s why doctors can’t prescribe the right antibiotic. I had...

by User avatar Louisette

what can be the cause of hand and finger pain in a person diagnosed with an UTI?

I have hand and finger pain with uti, what is the cause.

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Why does my toes ache when my bladder is full?

Why does my toes ache when my bladder is full, but as soon as I relieve myself the pain subsides until next full bladder?

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Ongoing urinary issues. I experienced a mall itching in the urethra and twinge in perineum area

One morning (aged 33), after having used the gym the night before (sprints and squats), I woke up aching head to foot. 8 Hours later the aching started to reduce, but there was a hot feeling when urinating. Hot feeling seemed to originate on left side of urethra at base of penis and...

by User avatar spellbound interview

I can't stop when I need to pee, I can only enjoy it when I really have to pee

I can't stop when I need to pee I can only enjoy it when I really have to pee is that ok

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