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what could be causing intermittent pulsing left foot pain, outside of the ankle bone

i have a intermitten pulseing pain in my left foot,feels like outside of the ankle bone, towards the lower rear of that bone..   any ideas??

by User avatar Guest

How to stay healthy after Knee replacement ?

My Grandfather has Knee replacement surgery recently now what he should do to stay fit and healthy.

by User avatar Dr Vivek Mittal

Is there a malady that manifests itself with chronic motion injury, tendonitis and frozen situations

I'm tired of doctors who know nothing! I rarely get sick and I'm on no medications however, my muscular skeletal issues are driving me mad. I've had shin splints and shoulder bursitis at 16, knee problem at 20, Pinched nerve in elbows around 42, plantar fascititis at 43, Carpel tunnel around 45,...

by User avatar Lydia646

Bunion Surgery Recovery Pain. My dog stepped on my foot yesterday and the pain went really bad

I'm not sure this is the right place to ask, but I got bunion surgery 7 weeks ago and my cast came off last week. All was going well with minimal pain but my 80 pound dog was running around and stepped on my foot yesterday and since then it has been hurting more than it hurt anytime after the...

by User avatar Guest

Torn ACL/Meniscus and pain 15 months after surgery. Does she need x-ray or MRI done?

My daughter had surgery to repair torn ACL/Miniscus 15 months ago. Surgery went well, along with therapy. She was able to play soccer in school 9 months later and didn't seem to have any issues. But now she is playing basketball and she is in alot of pain after playing. Do you think she might need...

by User avatar Holly

My whole face is titanium! What can I do if I get more implants and start being allergic to them?

I had titanium jaw joints and all titanium implants put in due to an accindent. Im sure im allergic to it all. It really dont bother me unless i put more titanium in my sytem causing an overload. I had to change my moisturizer, makeup, toothpaste, food, deoderant, my favorite ice cream. Its...

by User avatar Guest

Pain from the top of my foot down to the end of toes after bone spur and 2 removed neuromas

So I had 2 neuromas removed from my 3rd/4th and 4th/5th, along with a bone spur done on the same foot that had a nerve sitting on it  Oct 28th 2019.  I have done everything that I have been told to do and still having problems Jan 20th.  From the top of my foot down to the end of my...

by User avatar Sherrie

Can you recommend me some exercises for a post bunion surgery?

Post surgery bunion exercises

by User avatar Albertabound

steroid myopathy after steroid treatment. When will I be able to walk without crutches?

I have it can't walk without crutches after steroid treatment for pendulous vulgarious. Will it go away will I ever walk again without crutches been 9 month now (6 months since stopped the steroids)  JB

by User avatar Guest

what can I do to ease really crazy and unbearable hip pain?

How long does a booking hip to get better is there all ways a lot of pain with a broken hip. is there anyone out here that can help me thogh all of this i'm going really crazy no help

by User avatar tricia