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will using symbicort raise my blood sugars?

will symbicort raise my bloodsugars?

by User avatar Barbara

I am coughing a lot more since started taking Symbicort. Any better steroids for COPD?

Answered by a doctor

Dr.switched me from Flowvent t Symbicort yesterday and I have taken 2 rounds, lastnight and this morning. I am coughing a lot more since Symbicort Has anyone found a better steroids for COPD?  

by User avatar Willy

Side - Effects of symbicort? I have chronic coughing, running nose and chest pain

Answered by a doctor

I have flu like symptoms chronic coughing running nose chest pain.

by User avatar Royal 350973

Singulair and weight gain

Singulair and weight gain

by User avatar Guest

Persistant Coughing

Answered by a doctor

My grandaughter was here all week end and bought with her this terrible cough,he mother says its asthma and gave her ,her  Asmol and says it would help,well it did nothing for her whatsover the coughing is so deep and annoying too,we even tried lemon and aspro still no good ,cold water and hot...

by User avatar Robert

asthma coverage on medi-cal

Answered by a doctor

i found out two months ago that i am pregnant. well i went to a new general physician because i moved. this new doctor prescribed me xopenex which i have used for about two years. but because i am pregnant they consider it a catagory C inhaler. my ob said that medi-cal covers two other inhalers also...

by User avatar pregosteph106469

advair versus symbicort

Answered by a doctor

I had to stop using advair because it caused acid reflux. Does Symbicort have the same side effect?

by User avatar Guest

coumadin and singulair

Answered by a doctor

I am on Coumadin and had a bad sinus problem ,my head was so stopped up I took a Singulair and that helped but I am now experiencing bad headaches and sore mouth . If I don't take any more Singulair how long will these symptoms last?

by User avatar Ferd Trenkamp

New Analysis Clears Singulair of Suicide Link

Answered by a doctor

Singulair is a top-selling asthma and allergy drug approved by the FDA a decade ago, which has reached sales of $4.4 billion last year. However, last year, FDA officials launched an investigation due to the large number of anecdotal reports suggesting a link between the drug and suicidal thoughts...

by User avatar Lori2592

ephredrine and chest pains

Answered by a doctor

Hi Does any one using ephredrine experience chest pains to the right side with tingling feelinings in the hands?

by User avatar faz