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Are really people with celiac disease more healthy than us?

Hi! I was wondering for a while. Are really people with celiac disease more healthy than us ? I mean, gluten is not bad just for people with celiac disease, gluten is bad for us too. But, we all know that humans these days consume a large variety of gluten, so those who have celiac disease are more...

by User avatar Darkangel2013355406

is there testing that can tell me if my baby has celiac too? I was diagnosed at 15 years of age

I was diagnosed with celiac at 15 years of age. Now i am almost 21 and had a baby. My question is, is there testing that can tell me if my baby has celiac too? What is the test and how early can you get it done?

by User avatar Guest

Does any one have a wheat allergy? If so, what do you eat and how often

Answered by a doctor

I have just been told I have a wheat allergy. Tests to see if I have Celiac's Disease. Does any one have a wheat allergy. if so what do you eat, and how often. How can I have a good sandwitch. Please tell me all you know.

by User avatar Renee483337360

Diagnosed with celiac disease, now I have mucus on the duodenum

i had mucus on the duodenum in a test i had and it is realted to celiac or is it? thank you

by User avatar jocelyn

a yeast free diet

Answered by a doctor

Where do I get a copy of a yeast free diet and how do I get started?

by User avatar Guest

symptoms of celiac disease?

What are the symptoms of celiac disease? I've been constipated for today and I recently have been finding mucus in my stool, and if it wasn't mucus, then it was some sort of sticky-like material, which I automatically assume as mucus.

by User avatar Zack_W

Mum has Celiac's, will I have it?

Hi, my Mum has Celiac's Disease. Is it likely that I will have it? Also, is it true that Celiac's can slow down your growth?

by User avatar Guest

Gluten Free a must

I'm interested in the Blast N' Drain- BUT I first need to know if the product is gluten free--not just all natural--but completely gluten free.. Can you guarantee that it is gluten free? I really need to lose weight but must avoid any ingredient that has gluten..

by User avatar BClem

questions about stress

i was wanting to know if there was someone out there that could have had the same similar problems as heres whats going quite often i have been having sharp pains on my left breast that continue down my arm.sometimes my arm goes numb..its a pain that will make tears come to your...

by User avatar momof3kids39236

Have you heard of Celiac disease

This the first time I have been on this web site but did you know that celiac disease can cause alot of problems and therefore many are mis diagnosed, trying to find a cure when really it is a new way of eating. I am not a professional but being diagnosed lately with celiac and reading the...

by User avatar bea Burt