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Airol cream caused white spots on my face. What can I do about it?

Hello :) So one day i got a pimple on my forehead and i put Airol 0.05% cream for two nights so i can get rid of the pimple. The people dissapeared in 2-3 days but i got a white mark on my forehead that didnt go away ever.. Two days ago , i decided to start Airol treatment for its...

by User avatar Stavroula

Cosmetic products helped my skin after being exposed to a hot sun for 2 straight hours

I was a sitting duck after 2 beers and the hot sun at the county fair. The exhibit was hawking the Avologi LED tool and using Dermalectives to show how the tool enhanced the benefits of the skin care. Quite frankly, the LED did help. However, the person "threw in" enough sealed in package,...

by User avatar Guest

Biore Charcoal Face Mask, my face started burning after applying it

Hello, Just the other week I decided to give this face mask a shot, I have in the past been sensitive to their other masks.. but I decided to try it anyways. I put on the mask in the shower, and instantly my face started BURNING. No exaggeration, it was horrendous. I quickly washed away the mask,...

by User avatar Guest

My skin turned red after using mederma gel

After using mederma gel my skin turns into red.......the part where i have put gel is red compare to natural skin

by User avatar Prasant Adhikari

There's really nothing wrong with getting silicone butt injections

There's really nothing wrong with getting silicone butt injections. You just have to make sure the person is experienced and have the correct product. I had it done in Michigan and everything is fine.

by User avatar Lovely

Proactive fails, my skin is on fire and it's never been so dry in my life

Sooo about a week ago my parents bought me proactive and I was so excited, it came the next week and I was so excited to try it out and to "finally see my face clear up". I uses it for the first 2 days but the third day I woke up with a bunch of pimples, swelling, bumps, and redness. Really bad...

by User avatar Guest

I have a very bad experience with a deep pore charcoal cleanser.

I’m so glad to see im not the only one who suffered from breakouts from this product. I have recently been trying to take better care of my skin, so i bought the deep pore charcoal cleanser. I only used it once and while i was applying it it was burning very badly. The next morning i woke up and...

by User avatar Guest

I used Proactiv Plus a got red and bumpy face

red and bumpy face after using proactiv for 2 days. . Scared I’ll be stuck like this forever. Please someone help me. 

by User avatar Anonymous

what is the best supplement to increase my butt and breast size?

I,m man looking to go CD, What are the best supplement to increase my butt and bust size with best regards

by User avatar Meme360604

I used expired Proactive to clear my blemishes and my face started to get hot and red and itchy

I've been breaking out recently (mainly because Ive too tired to take off my makeup) and I decided to dig through my bathroom cabinet for the Proactive to clear the blemishes. BIG MISTAKE. (Keep in mind I haven't used this product in over a year). I only used the toner "Step 2" and...

by User avatar Guest