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Gene map shows what makes us different from chimps

A range of researches was done in order to compare human and chimps’ genes and the results gave proof that evolution was real and that indeed works through natural selection. When the genes were compared, it turned out that humans and chimps were 96 percent genetically identical. DNA of a...

by User avatar Bobby

Ben Greenfield's Handbook of Diet and Fitness Secrets

Ben Greenfield's ultimate collection of diet and fitness tips and tricks, including: * Learn exactly why alcohol makes you gain weight and what to do about it! * Read about the one special meal ingredient that results in instant weight loss, and 5 ways to get it! * Can sugar really make...

by User avatar staley33

Cornflakes and croissants could be as addictive as cigarettes

Recent study about processed carbohydrate foods cautioned that carbohydrate laden foods such as cornflakes and croissants could turn out to be as addictive as cigarettes and that people who binge on carbohydrate-rich foods might be fighting addiction.

by User avatar Bee Dee

Is headbanging hazardous to your health?

Last scientific study showed that the headbanging significantly increases the risk of head and neck injury. Scientists concluded that headbanging leaves participants with similar effects to whiplash. Doctors believe that in 2005, Evanescence guitarist Terry Balsamo suffered a stroke from headbanging...

by User avatar Bee Dee