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my period is late for over 2 months after we had rough sex. pregnancy test is negative

My boyfriend and i had really rough sex like really rough n it was about 2 months ago n i havent gotten my period yet but im not pregnant i took tests and they came out negative but why hasnt it come yet? Im starting to miss it.

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Irregular Menstrual Bleeding in a 19 years old. Having dark black discharge and tiny clots

I need to see if any other women is going through this. I have an appointment tomorrow but for about a month and a half I have been bleeding (period-like) every other day on the dot with about 15-20 pinpoint clots, which are dark black. It is very heavy but inly lasts about 3 hours, it is bad enough...

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Bleeding section of a menstrual cycle is too long and too heavy, can that be a problem?

My menstrual cycle, the bleeding section of it, has been very long, some have lasted as long as a month. I've gone to see a doctor, he prescribed me hormonal medicine, but that lessened my bleeding days to 3 to no days at all, im beginning to get really worried. My guardian took me off of the...

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Female dark color Menstruation, irregular cycle and Pelvic Inflammation. Do I need a treatment?

Few menstruation, dark color, irregular cycle, need treatment?

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cycle will not go off after month and a half of flow. I've been very tired and fatigued lately

Today makes a month in a half my cycle has been on. It has been flowing heavy since 1/12/19. I just don't understand why my cycle is going on for this long and why it haven't stopped. I be so tired and drained lately. I have a lot of blood clots coming from me. I want to know is there anything I...

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Periods end in one day, but I never had sex before? Should I consult a doctor?

My periods last only in one day. And i never had sex yet. Is it normal or should i consult a doctor? 

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my period came 40 days after the last one. does that indicate a change in my cycles?

I started seeing my period on 5th feb till 9th feb, but what confused me now is seeing it on march 20th can that be cycle change?

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Has anyone missed a period after having their tubes tied?

Hello, Has anyone missed a period after having their tubes tied?

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My periods were regular for 2 years but now they started being irregular

I'm 14 years old, and I've had my period since I was 10. At first it was irregular but from 12-14 years old my period began to be regularly once a month. In January my period all of a sudden started coming for 7 days and came back after 6 days. In the past two months I've gotten my period like 6...

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i have not started my period yet but every time i go to the toilet i have a thin layer of white goo

hello , im jen and im 13 i have not started my period yet but everytime i go to the toliet i always have a thin layer of white goo and im not sure if this is normal if so am i about to start my period thank u , jen

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