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Hi!I am 27 years old and female.
I have taken sometime Ginsing green tea which is without milk.It contains korean ginseng,pakistani mint,Cardamom and lemon.Company say it is beneficial for

Slow aging process
Controls blood pressure,Cholestrol and uric acid
Prevents the excessive body fats
Purifies blood
Tone up liver
Fights against fatigue and sluggishness

Should i take it 'cause i did not take any tea or cofee or milk.never.I just take kashmiri tea in pinter which is in pink colour and pure leafs of dark green coulor.(not regular)

Is it good for health Can this ginsing regulate my stomach,because i have constipation all the time.

Plz answer me.I will be tankfull to you.


I dont really trust product that claims to be good for losing weight. i just take normal chinese tea like green tea and oolong tea to control my weight.

i get my teas from *********

both have been realiable. for contispation i suggest you to take some herbal tea. genereally drnking more liquid would help.

so i think you should drink green tea or oolong tea, that would be never know what others slimming products contain in them.

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