If you like animals, especially tigers, and you have found yourself watching the Animal Planet (or National Geographic), you will like this movie. It has a happy ending, even though there are tragedies throughout.

This movie is about a tiger family that is broken up by hunters. The two cubs are confiscated and grow up in the human world. The story follows their lives back to the wild.

The movie contains muted violence. One tiger is shot for attacking a man and dies. Another tiger is shot (for sport), but not seriously injured.

Other issues you might have to explain (based on the questions of my daughter):
How do they get the tusks from an elephant ?
Why are these people taking those statues?
Are those two tigers playing or fighting (when the two in the beginning are doing the beginnings of mating, and they show the "mount" but not the actual mating, even though the sounds are very apparent (at least to the adults)).

My daughter is 5 years old and she loved this movie. We answered her questions truthfully and she realized that even though this movie might have real things in it, it's still a movie and it's make believe. Tigers don't really live in people's homes and sleep in their beds.