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Is there such a thing as reverse discrimination?

Answered by a doctor

Do you think there is such a thing? Recently I heard of a white woman in a mostly black college who is claiming reverse discrimination and sueing the school for $5 Million. Her case obviously sounded pretty real. She was trying to get into the same program as someone with the same credentials as her...

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The last person that posts in this thread wins

i win!!

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side effects of frankincense

I simply love frankincense and bought a perfume containing frankincense for my girlfriend the other day. I would love to smell frankincense on my girlfriend, but she says you can't use it any more because it has side effects and can cause headaches. Now, I believe she simply doesn't like it. I would...

by User avatar staford1562162097

Like, Dislike, or No Opinion

The idea is to answer the post above yours with one of the three answers in the Subject title. After you answer, pose a question for the next person to answer. I'll start it off The Beatles

by User avatar Cappy

Things you can't believe you did... that you've "grown up" (ok...this may be a stretch, but you get my point...) I'll start with an easy one... throw a mostly full keg off a 5th floor roof (the po-po were on their way up,..what was a 19...err...21 year old to do? :umno: )

by User avatar HighHeat

What is brewery & distillery microbiological testing media

What is brewery & distillery microbiological testing media

by User avatar rajeevthakur

height problem, do you guys have some tips how can I increase my height?

hi i am jack and i am new here i just joined the community and i am so worried about my height as i am 25 and height is 5.2 that is so awkward for me sometimes :( do you guys have tips ? or it can so or not?

by User avatar JackMerlin170

What do you find yourself saying that there's nothing sexier than?

what? What do you find yourself saying that there's nothing sexier than? For me: There's nothing sexier than a man who is having a genuinely good time with his kids. Your opinion???

by User avatar airehead

Best Pill Identifier App for Android?

Want some name of the Best Pill Identifier App in Play Store.

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what are the responsibilities of pediatrician

what are the essential responsibilities of a pediatrician? the following are some basic responsibilities of every pediatrician but I need more responsibilities a pediatrician, your occupational tasks mainly include medical care providing to newborns to young adults people. pediatrician to...

by User avatar sam williams