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Things you can't believe you did... that you've "grown up" (ok...this may be a stretch, but you get my point...) I'll start with an easy one... throw a mostly full keg off a 5th floor roof (the po-po were on their way up,..what was a 19...err...21 year old to do? :umno: )

by User avatar HighHeat

I was driving a vehicle and choked on some liquid that I was drinking. My company said I fell asleep

On October 16 I was giving five prescriptions Pro air HFA 90 MCG/actuation benzonatate 100mg inhalational spacing device prednisone 20mg doxycycline I was given these prescriptions by physician media care and the next day I was driving a vehicle and I choked on some liquid that I was drinking and it...

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Is there such a thing as reverse discrimination?

Answered by a doctor

Do you think there is such a thing? Recently I heard of a white woman in a mostly black college who is claiming reverse discrimination and sueing the school for $5 Million. Her case obviously sounded pretty real. She was trying to get into the same program as someone with the same credentials as her...

by User avatar DCRunningDiva

The last person that posts in this thread wins

i win!!

by User avatar prohemp

height problem, do you guys have some tips how can I increase my height?

hi i am jack and i am new here i just joined the community and i am so worried about my height as i am 25 and height is 5.2 that is so awkward for me sometimes :( do you guys have tips ? or it can so or not?

by User avatar JackMerlin170

Unisex restrooms, Do you knock before entering?

Has anyone ever walked in on someone of the opposite sex in the bathroom or shower? I'll share two stories, one where I walked in on a female co-worker. And one where a different female co-worker walked in on me. Our work has unisex single person restrooms. Both doors were closed, so I knocked on...

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how do you talk to your doctor when you are afraid or embarrassed?

hey guys so I’ve answered lots of questions on Steady health over the years and often get the same questions over and over . questions about sex, puberty, penis size, masturbation, STDs, pregnancy, “am I normal” or “is this normal” these are all totally NORMAL questions to have yet...

by User avatar Biomajor10

underwear during surgery?

Answered by a doctor

Hello! I have a question. Can person wear underwear during surgery? Thank on reply!

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is it ok for a female doctor to use a female secretary as a chaperone for a male genital exam?

I was having alot of pain in my penis and went to my Dr who is a female. I was last patient for the night so after the nurse took my vitals she was allowed to leave. The Dr came in and talked to me. She gave me a drape and told me to undress from the waist down and left. She soon returned and...

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side effects of frankincense

I simply love frankincense and bought a perfume containing frankincense for my girlfriend the other day. I would love to smell frankincense on my girlfriend, but she says you can't use it any more because it has side effects and can cause headaches. Now, I believe she simply doesn't like it. I would...

by User avatar staford1562162097