I'm interested in anyone's views on my recent blood work. I honestly think it's all fine, but my Dr is on vacation for another week. I've been waiting for answers for sometime now and definitely am not looking to have the internet diagnosis me. I'd rather have input and maybe personal experience or questions I may ask on my follow up appointment. Not going to list them all, just the ones I am kinda curious on. They're either borderline, over or under. I have obtained these results online through the lab. WBC-10.9 (3.8-10.8) RBC- 3.62 (3.80-5.10) Hemoglobin- 15 (11.7-15.5) Hematocrit- 44.9 (35.0-45.0) Absolute Neutrophils- 7844 (1500-7800) Absolute Basophils- 5 (0-200) Basophils- 0.1 (.5-1.0) Lymphocytes- 16.5 (17-44) I'm not too sure on these normal range levels. AST 11 ALT 10 Prothrombin Time-INR INR .7 PT 8.6 Sed Rate 2