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I quit drinking, got into relapse and now stopping again. Doctor said that my liver is in bad shape

I quit drinking before for 2 years and I relapsed, 3 years later, I decided to quit again and now is 2 weeks sober.  I don't remember going through withdrawals the 1st time, maybe because I wanted to quit and now this time, due to my recent Dr. visit a couple of weeks ago, I was told that my...

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i am a very quiet person but after I drink, I lose myself completely. I occasionally have blackouts

Please help me. Normally I am a very quiet person but after I drink I behave like the entire world owes me their life. After drinking I behave like everyone else is stupid and I am the only person who has brains in this entire world. I am married with my wife whom I love dearly but after drinking I...

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Need remedies/help for a bad hangover?

Need remedies/help for a bad hangover ?

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48 white female sick from liquor, I couldn't stop vomiting, sweating, freezing, shaking

I have never been UNable to drink, then new years eve I went out partying, I drank like any other time, about 4 am I awake sicker than I had ever been in my life, couldnt stop vomiting, sweating, freezing, shaking. I thought I had the flu, was even running a fever. I was sick like this till about 5...

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am i an alcoholic? I crave alcohol and can't control how much I drink

I started drinking a year ago at 18, at first i only drank 2-4 to get drunk and i never blacked out. Now i need at least 6-8 to feel a buzz, i crave alcohol, try to include alcohol in normal activities, i cant control how much i drink (example: i was only supposed to drink 2 and ended up drinking 10...

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I can’t seem to tolerate even a sip of alcohol anymore without an awful feeling in my head

if anyone out there has suffered this please please let me know. I’m 55 now and up until I was 50ish I used to enjoy a couple of drinks in the evening, never beer, always a mixed drink. Now when I have my 1st sip of a drink my head feels full, foggy and it seems to also affect my...

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Recovering alcoholic suffering with kidney ache around tea time every day

It’s now been 6 weeks since my last drink and I’m still suppering with kidney ache generally around teatime is this normal?

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Why do I have partial facial numbness in my face after an alcoholic drink?

Why do I have partial facial numbness in my face after an alcoholic drink anyone?

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blood in stool after drinking

Answered by a doctor

Blood in stool after drinking and what will help and what home remedies will help. Have just recently quit drinking 

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Alcohol just starting to have a bad effect on my body?

Hey guys, Recently when ever I drink alcohol I tend to either vomit, get diarrhea or have extremely bad gas.  I generally drink 3 days a week: Tuesday: 1-2 Drinks Thursday: 1-2 Drinks (Once every few months ill have 3-4) Saturday: 12ishDrinks Probably 2 weeks ago. I...

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