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by User avatar KERRI85

Memory loss while on beta-blockers

Hello, I have noticed some strange things ever since my father has started taking beta blockers for his condition. My father has high blood pressure problems and because of that, he has been prescribed with beta blockers. His condition improved a lot, but with the start of the therapy, I have...

by User avatar rebbecca51818


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Procedure to stop taking NADOLOL ? Prescribed only as a precautionary measure for varices . Yet is not tolerable .

by User avatar Guest

Beta blockers and constant lightheadedness

Answered by a doctor

OK, I do know what the beta blockers are. I use them to reduce my blood pressure but I don't think that they are good for me anymore. It was OK when my cardiologist prescribed it to me, and that was three years ago, but last months I am not feeling that great. I feel weird and I have constant...

by User avatar fantastic4

Side effects after stopping Atenolol, now having dizziness and palpitations

Answered by a doctor

I stopped taking beta blockers eight months ago because they caused dizziness, palpitations, diarrhoea etc. Have been steadily feeling better but hot weather has brought back dizziness and palpitations. Anyone else suffered the same?

by User avatar Despondent

diagnosed with raynauds disease and doctor wants to put me on beta blockers

Answered by a doctor

I have been diagnoised with this and my doctor is talking about putting me on a beta blocker. I am on Lisinopril for blood pressure. I am concerned about being put on a beta blocker from what I have read. The Mayo Clinic says that beta blockers can be a cause of this. I do not want another cause but...

by User avatar Guest

Weight gain after taking beta blockers, depressed because of my stroke

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I had open heart surgery 2014 suffered a stroke post op have residual vision loss left peripheral. Had to retire my beloved nursing career. I'm extremely depressed. I've gained about 40 pounds since my surgery fatigued all the time. Especially since taking beta blocker

by User avatar Your Majesty

What are ingredients of beta blocker Cardicor?

Answered by a doctor

Hey there. My cousin Meg unfortunately is diagnosed with chronic heart failure. I don't know how did she got this issue, because no one in her family have any kid of heart problems. She thinks that she will need to quit her job (she is a basketball player) because of it. She went to...

by User avatar - La Yl La-349473

What heart diseases you can treat with Acebutolol?

Answered by a doctor

Good day.  My name is Lina. I had a huge fight with my husband and we don't talk. I think that we didn't talk for one month. Or more! Who counts?  I noticed that he is really weird in the last couple of days and I don't know what is going on. One day he went to his job and I went into...

by User avatar Acebutolol

Are Cardicor Side Effects Putting Your Health at Risk?

Hey everyone. I was talking with my cousin Mimmy yesterday. She told me that she started to use Cardicor pills. She told me that she is using it because she is having problems with chronic heart failure. But also she confessed me that she is a little bit scared because she knows that she needs to...

by User avatar Aurora-Borealis349353