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Very bad ear pain to the point I can't sleep. I also feel dizzy

I have had very bad sleep because of my ear, but i dont really feel it when i am not in bed, i feel it when i just got out of bed, or when i am in bed, i tend to sit up and cry, thinking that the night will be over soon, not , knowing that it is like 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning, i also feel dizzy...

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MDDS from a boat ride. How long does this generally last for most people?

hi, I went on a 5 hour yacht ride in Miami 11 days ago and have been experiencing what my ENT called MDDS since. Bobbing/rocking sensations, sinus and ear pressure, vertigo and fatigue. It’s been the most miserable 11 days of my life. The doctor said I just Have to wait it out and there’s no...

by User avatar wacky listen

Cholesteatoma left a Horizontal Canal fistula. can I seek social security disability benefits?

Hello I am about 10 post op surgery to remove a cholesteatoma removal that left among other damage a horizontal canal fistula. Anyone with similar? My main question is has anyone tried to seek social security disability benefits? I am really beginning to struggle with working but I am single...

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what is the remedy for a continuous sounds in head? i'm having them for a 7 days now

may somebody how to remedy the sounds on my head 7 days already ...

by User avatar rainproof glad

I've been suffering with tinnitus since my neck surgery

Tinnitus. I have been suffering with it since Neck Surgery. I have tried several things and they do not work. I noticed it getting louder and also losing the location of noise.

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Sudden hearing loss in right ear, but without any injury to the ear. I am put on antibiotics

I completely lost my hearing in my right ear about a week ago. No injury to the ear. I went to the doctor. He put me on steroids. I have a scheduled MRI. Has anyone experienced this and regained their hearing?

by User avatar else step-brother

My Ear Throbbing Experience and Solution. I injected a vinegar into it

2018-10-03 My left ear suddenly experienced unbearable throbbing in early August for about 3 weeks until I decided to do something about it by injecting vinegar into it. I immediately felt great relief and the throbbing largely ceased afterwards. It came back much milder a few days later and now I...

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I underwent grommets for my ETD and after operation I lost 50% of my hearing

After a year of problems with etd my consultant suggested grommets. I was told 50/50 chance of it improving my condition but would certainly not make anything worse! Went ahead and immediately after the operation I had lost 50% of my hearing. I'm 3 weeks down the line and my hearing is still...

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Moderate to severe ringing of the ears

Can a person get ringing of the ears from a botched spinal tap?

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can you get an ear infection from bronchitis?

can you get an ear infection from bronchitis

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