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Best treatment for lung injury patients

Estimated 190,000 Americans suffer from the acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) each year because of complications from conditions such as a major infection or severe injuries. Those conditions can cause a buildup of fluid in the lungs that cuts oxygen flow to the blood. The effect on the...

by User avatar helene3479


My best friend had an accident last year. He was stuck in his car for a long time and there was no one to help him. When he was rescued, the doctors had to amputate his foot due to gangrene. I would like to know more about it. Thanks

by User avatar Guest

Pubic bone fracture

I’ve just heard that my friend had a car accident. He is in hospital now and his mother told me that he has a pubic bone fracture. She is desperate and now I’m worried also. Can somebody tell me something about pubic bone fracture? What is the treatment for it? Thanks!

by User avatar annecorinne164261400

Can young people suffer from hip fracture?

Hello, guys. Yesterday I was looking for my friend at his house and his mother told me he had hip fracture. I thought this was reserved for the older people. Can younger people suffer from hip fracture? What do you think? I would appreciate if someone could reply to me. Bye!

by User avatar gerek122457820

dettol face burn

Answered by a doctor

how long does it take for dettol burn on face to heal?

by User avatar gem

Injured, probably fractured, femoral head after a bad fall

In July 2018 I slipped in water and fell on a tile floor, severely injuring my knee and hip. My doctor sent me to a specialist who refused to examine my hip and insisted on concentrating on my knee. He said he didn't have a referral for my hip. He sent me to rehab, where after a few weeks they put...

by User avatar justme6549

Skull fracture on babies

I have three months old baby. I heard and read a lot about baby’s safety and what to do if baby is ill. But I’m wondering what can happen when baby bump her head. I want to know what I should do then? Tell me, please, something about skull fracture on babies. Thanks!

by User avatar millisent12961402

Cam Boot Causes Hip Pain -- Treatment Suggestions?

Answered by a doctor

In 9/07 I was diagnosed with right foot stress fracture and had to wear a Pacesetter II boot that goes to the knee. Almost immediately, left hip pain started. Wore boot 4-5 weeks and although the right foot felt great, left hip hurt too much. In Feb 08, podiatrist said foot fracture completely...

by User avatar Quincy56067199

Please Advice:Hematoma of the back

Answered by a doctor

I had a recent fall and injured the muscles in my lower right back,the bruising has gone away and most of the pain, but I have what is called a Hematoma just above the back of my right hip. My question is will this go away on it's own or is there something I can do to speed it's recovery?

by User avatar Paul Kirby

Is full recovery possibe from a lisfranc fracture?

Answered by a doctor

Hi there, HELP PLEASE I have been reading all of these posts and am becoming more and more scared of the after effects of my lisfranc fracture. I was in a very bad car accident 2 weeks ago and had emergency surgery. My fracture was caused by the severe impact of my foot being braced (I assume) on...

by User avatar sadmelissa171163