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Lisfranc injury, NO surgery

Answered by a doctor

Hello, I wrote a while ago, then my computer crashed! So I am writing now a new topic due to my NOT having surgery for my Lisfranc injury. Let me start at the beginning... I fell, in early june 2006, down my back steps. My foot rolled and I collapsed, ever so gracefully, i had a great dr. in the...

by User avatar imboogaloosmom6342

fell on my butt

Recently I fell on my butt. I did not hurt myself that bad, but I have to say that ever since then I fell constant pain in that area. Do you think if it is possible that my fall is the reason of this pain? Is it possible that I broke my tail bone?

by User avatar rose640

Walking after Lisfranc Fracture, any information or tips?

Answered by a doctor

Hello, I suffered a Lisfranc Fracture on July 14, 2012. I tore all five metatarsals on my left foot and went in for an ORIF surgery the next morning, where they placed four screws. I was put in a cast for ten days, which was taken off on on July 26th and saw my surgeon who explained the severity...

by User avatar khut-aten259798

Is full recovery possibe from a lisfranc fracture?

Answered by a doctor

Hi there, HELP PLEASE I have been reading all of these posts and am becoming more and more scared of the after effects of my lisfranc fracture. I was in a very bad car accident 2 weeks ago and had emergency surgery. My fracture was caused by the severe impact of my foot being braced (I assume) on...

by User avatar sadmelissa171163

Mid foot fusion advice needed

Answered by a doctor

Hello all I need some advice from anyone who has any experience of mid foot fusion surgery. I had a lisfranc injury 3 years ago which was missed and i have encountered several incompetent doctors and no treatment i have had has helped. I cannot walk very far and am pretty much always in pain. My...

by User avatar sarah.n

Lisfranc fusion recovery

Answered by a doctor

Hi to all of you who are constantly wondering what is in front of you regarding progress, pain, etc. I am the mom of a high level gymnast who suffered a lisfranc injury with a 3mm separation one year ago to this date! Here is a brief summary of her journey: August 18 2008: Landed awkwardly, felt...

by User avatar Guest

Do i have a sternum injury?

Answered by a doctor

Hello my name is aerial and i have been wrestling for 4 years. I had a camp yesterday and was live wrestling a freind of mine and she threw me into a move and my chest hit hard onto her hip bone. At that moment i felt a pop in my chest and had imidiate trouble breathing. it hurt to take breaths and...

by User avatar AerialS5810

Fall last friday and injured my right side chest and right arm. I'm in pain a week later

Hello, I fell last Friday morning, hitting my head on a concrete block, went to ER for stitches.. Later that evening I was sore which was naturally expected. Long story short my right chest area and beneath my right arm on that side also is painful....chest area hurts worse when I lean over for any...

by User avatar Guest

easily bruising and swelling from light hits on shins which are painful

hello , im currently a 19 year old active man who just enjoys sport , however i suffer from a very weak shin . since i was in year 5 to 6 (10 - 11) i used to receive plenty of hits onto my shins during football games in attempt to take the ball away from me . since then i would have very weak and...

by User avatar Mr_chelbi

old lisfranc injury, just diagnosed--should I have the surgery?

Answered by a doctor

Hi out there, I was just diagnosed with a lisfranc injury (grade 3 sprain) in the last 48 hours. The injury occurred, if you can believe it, 19 years ago. For all this time, it seems I've had far too much movement in the joint because I was missing a ligament, which snapped when I fell in...

by User avatar franduke