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Pityriasis rosea spreading out all over my body a month after diagnosis. How to stop it?

Diagnosed with psoriasis rosacea one month ago and it is still spreading out all over my body. So far it seems like my hands and my feet and my face are not affected although it is in my hair and on my neck. My doctor had a follow-up appointment with me and he is scheduling me with a dermatologist...

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how can I regain my previous skin complexion? my skin has discoloration

I was fair when I was young but now I am 20 and my skin has discolored how can I regain my previous skin complexion please help.

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recurring blisters breakout on same places on foot. I only got prescribed topical ointment

my cousin and i were cleaning out backyard shed. that evening top of both of my feet started itching. thinking maybe poison oak etc. inquired of cousin if they were experiencing same. No.  then top of both of my feet began to have several big blisters and doctor had to treat but it made area on...

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swelling from feet to stomach in a Alzheimer's patient? should I take her to ER?

my mom is in memory care for alz. she is swelled to her waiste from her feet. her thighs her stomach.should i take her to er? ty marcia

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Laptops are probably harming us, especially area above the knees

I have had issues with my Dell laptop (bought new at Costco 9 years ago) for a very long time. I used it quite often for hours at a time. It has always run very hot. No amount of pillows or anything prevents the searing heat. I developed what can be best described as fat pads about 8" above my...

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Herpes in strange places

I don't know how I got herpes. But I had a small itxhy pimple on my side below my ribs. It lasted forever, got better with a band aid and came and went. Then one on my thigh, also lasted for forever would almost heal, itch and burn and finally go away. My doctor took a culture and sure enough it...

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scabies or contact dermatitis? I have sinus allergies and eczema issues with red bumps

How do you know for sure you have scabies I have eczema issues  and sinus allergies but the doctor looked at me and saw red bumps every where was told I have scabies I do not itch but I feel a sensation in my legs like a burn sometime and was stressed a little  can anyone answer or relate...

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My nails suddenly stopped growing. Could it be that my iron is low?

I don't know what to say. My nail use to grow 2mm every month. Now it has stop growing completely. I used to use Sally Hansen products especially the Sally Hansen maximum or the Sally Hansen cuticle and moisture treatment pen for the last 6 years but this year 2019 my nails broke off and has not...

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How long does it take for Petechiae on the face to go away?

How long does it take to go away?

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What could cause my hands and fingernails to turn orange?

What could cause my hands (both front and back) and fingernails to turn orange?

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