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SteadyHealth.com presents a health-related internet community intended for users to educate themselves on health related aspects, share their experiences and exchange access to valuable health-related resources. 

This unique paradigm of user interaction and quality information combined with a huge social-community puts SteadyHealth at the top of most valuable health-related communities on the Web. SteadyHealth.com is not indented to be used by health-concerned users only, but also for everyone else whose goal is to improve own life style and self-satisfaction.

This web site is powered by LifeForm Inc., an International Business Company that is not affiliated with any medical or drug organization. Therefore the mainstream information presented on SteadyHealth.com is unbiased.


Our mission is to improve your life by providing relevant health-related information, giving you the ability to share your health-related stories and issues with other members. We want to present the valid information objectively and share true stories for and with those who feel alone and helpless to cope with their health issues. SteadyHealth.com is a place designed for people of different national, cultural and religious backgrounds and ages (starting from 13).

  • Happiness. We want to help anyone to enjoy daily activities in a good health. We want to give people the opportunity to get more enjoyment from life, and to fulfill their dreams. In a word, to be happy.
  • Motivation and empowerment. Individual and group motivation and empowerment are at the core of every activity aimed at achieving the objectives and the maintenance of good physical and mental health. The path to a stable and good health is paved with hard work and obstacles one needs to overcome, and the motivation is an essential component of success.
  • Emotional attention and care. We at SteadyHealth are aware of the value of emotional support and understanding for people with health problems thus we give emotional attention and care a very high priority.
  • Preserving and presenting traditional and long forgotten knowledge. Traditional and alternative healing methods are being marginalized and forgotten due to a powerful drug industry that often cannot offer a solution. When Western medicine fails, a person is left on its own, and many seek help in alternative healing methods.
  • Innovation. Health industry is in need of a constant innovation, which shouldn't be a privilege of pharmaceutical companies with huge budgets for research and development. We at SteadyHealth try to bring up an innovative blend of technology and health, and want to ensure it is available to everyone. Promoting healthier life style and fighting against bad habits requires a large commitment to innovation and constant improvement.

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Here at SteadyHealth, you are welcome to post questions, post comments, and respond to messages from others regarding medical and health-related concerns. SteadyHealth is the place for almost any health or medical concern or issue, separated into particular section categorized analogically or anatomically, depending on section purposes.

Our discussion boards spread messages and topics in over 30 different categories with more then 150 forums and leave access to registered members and guest posts which undergo strict moderators review. All discussion board interactions are highly moderated by human persons (moderators & administrators) who observe the boards 24/7 with help of diverse software tools. All discussions are regulated & controlled through Registration and Terms of Use.

SteadyHealth Articles provides users with the credible, unbiased and spam-free information. The information provided on SteadyHealth is designed to support, not replace, the relationship that exists between a user and his/her physician.

SteadyHealth editors and medical experts work closely to help visitors with concerns and solve their health problems manifested through particular symptoms. However, the information provided on SteadyHealth is for informational purposes only, and it is not meant to substitute for medical advice provided by your physician or other medical professional. Any user who has or suspect to have an urgent medical problem has to promptly contact his/her physician or health care provider.

We believe the medical information we present attempts to educate and empower users to make informed decisions about their health care.

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SteadyHealth is a rapid-growing health community with more then 250,000 members. We hope you will make us become your primary resource for health related discussions, questions, health care information and personal true stories, which raise above all the theories and provides a real experience.

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