The Conclave of Shadows, Book 2

King of Foxes is a continuation of the storyline began in Talon of the Silver Hawk. Tal was the winner of the sword fighting championship at the Master s Court at Roldem and now he is somewhat of a celebrity. He is still seeking revenge against the Duke of Olasko for the slaughter of his people, the Orosoni. However, because Tal has been trained by the Conclave (Pug, Nakor, etc), he also has obligations to them in addition to seeking his revenge. Both Tal and the Conclave have similar aims, and Tal s revenge will help the Conclave learn about a magician named Varen.

While the existence of the Conclave and their occasional appearances throughout this novel (and the first) give hint to something larger going on than Tal s simple quest for revenge, we never quite find out what the scope of this larger threat is and what the Conclave is truly fighting. We get glimpses and even a brief mention of something that is potentially interesting (which I don t want to spoil), but the true story follows Tal.

Tal has to join the service of the Duke of Olasko to get close to him, to gain his trust, to learn about the magician Varen, and to ultimately get his revenge with Olasko knowing why Tal is getting his revenge. I thought that this was a well told story (and told better than Talon of the Silver Hawk and while there are more volumes in The Conclave of the Shadows planned, this one actually seems to conclude the story of Tal. I believe that volume three Exile s Return will focus on an entirely different character, though I m not positive whom (I have ideas). This was a good addition to Midkemia and shows that Feist is returning to form and quality. I m looking forward to volume 3.