hello, I had an accident at work. I am 37 years old. I have had 3 surgeries on my left knee. 2 orthoscopic and 1 petellar tendon exploration. I had to wait almost a year between surgeries and i developed atrophy in the quad muscle right above my left knee. Now the pain care specialist say I have femoral nerve damage..... yea i have alot of problems with the left knee.... Now my right knee started hurting.. I went and got an M.R.I and is says

1 Small patellofemoral joint effusion with a small suprapatellar synovial plica.

2 mild chondromalacia of the midline of the trochlear groove with subchondral cyst formation.

3 4 cm Baker's syst.

4 Osgood-schlatters Disease.

Ok I want to know what this means and Is this a relsult of me limping around for 2 years because of a bad left knee?