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Boyfriend has lump above collarbone from car accident, what

Answered by a doctor

A couple weeks ago, my boyfriend got into a bad car accident. He was stopped at a red light and a car hit him from behind at almost 60mph. He went to the hospital and followed up with a few doctors. Now, they believe he may have a slipped disc in his back, which is horrible, but possibly the least...

by User avatar maxwelldemongrl76212

Dent in skull

Answered by a doctor

I recently noticed a dent on the top of my head. It is about an inch back from my hairline, about an inch long and half an inch wide. Now there seems to be another one much smaller just to the left of it. There were never dents in my skull before. Do you have any idea what this could be?

by User avatar SRS

Ibuprofen and Bone Fusion of Toe

Answered by a doctor

I had arthrodesis on my big toe on Monday for hallux rigidus. Everything seems OK, but I have been taking ipuprofen (800 mg every 8 hours) as instructed by the surgeon.  Then I read that ibuprofen, especially in the early stages, interferes with bone fusion.  I have discontinued the ibuprofen, but...

by User avatar Guest

Chest Pain when I lay on my side

Answered by a doctor

I have shooting pains in my chest when I lay on my right side. It feels like a sharp pushing pressure. When I return to lying on my back it continues to hurt when I breathe deeply. It eventually goes away but there are times when I feel chest and upper back pain that extends to the upper...

by User avatar Guest

What is causing moderate to severe thigh pain 6 months after hip replacement surgery

Answered by a doctor

My husband had hip replacement surgery on Sept 26, 2006. His early recovery was excellent. He returned to normal activities with the surgeon's approval. Then after about 3 months, his upper leg began hurting (seems to be in his thigh) and it has steadily gotten worse. He is in moderate to severe...

by User avatar Patti

bending toes after hammertoe surgery

Answered by a doctor

Hello, I had hammertoe surgery on my 2nd 3rd and 4th toes on my right foot on november 20th 2007. I am concerned that i will no longer be able to bend my toes because i cant bend them when i try. Has anyone who has undergone hammertoe surgery been able to bend their toes or not bend them afterwards?...

by User avatar DOMIN53783

Male-to-female transition and problems with leg clots and osteoporosis. What can I do?

Hi, Kim here, I have been trying to MTF since I was 45 yr old. I was originally on Two different prescription tabs {Premarin and Cyproterone Acetate} for approx two years with good results, then i developed clotting in my right leg. I stopped this for another two years then went back cyproterone for...

by User avatar Kim

temples swell when eating

Answered by a doctor

I have asked several people about this problem (allergist, doctor, TMJ doctor, and dentist) but none have really heard of this problem. When I'm eating sometimes my temples start to swell on the side of my head. It becomes painful and then I get a headache in my forehead. The swelling goes down...

by User avatar da web

weird sensations between my shoulder blades, like something is crawling under my skin

I have this sensation between my shoulder blades , bra level on my left side. It is a tightness, tingling,like something crawling under my skin. No pain involved but at times a very cold feeling at that spot.  Just had a xray done, everything was fine.Only lasts a few minutes, but has...

by User avatar Cheryl

Hand pain associated with urination or BM.

Answered by a doctor

Hi I have been experiencing pain in the palm of my hands when I need to urinate or have a bowel movement. Feels almost like electricity. I have spoken to a doctor but she just looks at me like I am stupid and says "uh huh" and moves on like I said nothing at all. Can anyone relate?

by User avatar BRANDYh121160