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Hip pain and back, leg pain after 2 years of having bi-lateral hip surgery?

Hip pain and back,leg pain after 2 years of having bi-lateral hip surgery

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can back problems cause numbness and pain in the thigh and knee?

can back problems causes numbness in the upper thigh and knee

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ankle arthroscopy complications?

Answered by a doctor

Hi I have fairly recently undergone an ankle arthoscopy for debridement of scar tissue, removal of bone spurs and and as I have found from decihering the surgeons handwriting, micro-fracturing to promote new carltilage growth. However, now 6 weeks down the line and having taken all the right...

by User avatar icehockeyhair

I've been diagnosed with Spinal Stenosis and Osteoarthritis. having Lower right back/hip pain

I have had this excruciating pain on my hip/right buttock pain that i just can't describe, I have been diagnosed with Spinal Stenosis, and Osteoarthritis and Disc Degeneration of the Spine. Well that doesn't make life easy let me tell you. My whole body feels like a truck hit it and that's how...

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hip hurts bad when waking up, I can hardly get out of bed

my hip hurts when i get up after sleeping all night can hardly get out of bed

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nerve related or not? I have left hand throbbing, from small finger into hand

left hand throbbing small finger into hand throbbing up the arm into neck area

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painful swelling of feet and ankels, hurts to walk, very red and are painful to touch. No energy

Answered by a doctor

Out of the blue , 2 months ago noticed some swelling of feet and ankles. Have never had swelling anywhere ever and have always been pretty thin-even with a little weight gain my legs and feet never got any bigger. For a month they went up and down periodically, now the last few weeks my feet have...

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Sharp stabbing pain in my right hip

Answered by a doctor

Hi, A few months ago I started to notice every now and then a mild pain in my right hip. It felt like it was inside the ball-and-socket joint, and it was a sharp, shooting pain that came in pulses. At first, it did not happen very often and it was mild. I noticed it most often while driving...

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Severe Pain - Two Years After Hip Replacement

Answered by a doctor

Yes, another hip pain message! Reader's Digest Version: Total hip replacement in August 2006 (titanium) - right side. Great recovery, no problems since then (well, up until a 3 weeks ago) Last November I 'snapped' Quad Tendon on Left knee - had that repaird, and great recovery. Followed...

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unexplained sudden brusing/redness at base of finger with swelling & numbness

Answered by a doctor

I.occasionaly, without any apparent provocation develop a pain in one of my fingers which immediately becomes bruised, red, and swollen. I also experience numbness in this finger when it happens. I am 64 yrs old, but have had this condition previously. It does not seem to be related to cold...

by User avatar klondike