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Skull feeling like cracking?

Occassionally ever since I can remember my head does a spasm where it feels like my skull plates move/crack? It is really painful and my vision can be blurred for a couple of seconds?  Everyone I ask if this happens to them looks at me strangely and it happened the other day on the left side of my...

by User avatar Guest

Wrist pain after getting blood drawn

My husband has sarcoidosis and during his regular doctor checkup last week he also had his blood taken for the tests. While he was at the doctor’s office everything was fine, but almost as soon as he came home he started complaining that his wrist, on the arm that the blood was drawn from, hurts....

by User avatar Guest

Swollen ankles & feet with extreme fatigue.

Answered by a doctor

Hello! My husband has had swollen ankles and feet for about a month. He is now starting to experience extreme pain in these areas, along with overwhelming fatigue. He is 35 years old and in overall "ok" heath. He is 5'7" and weighs approx. 185 lbs. It has been a couple years...

by User avatar ncarolinamommy50125

Torn ACL/Meniscus and pain 15 months after surgery. Does she need x-ray or MRI done?

My daughter had surgery to repair torn ACL/Miniscus 15 months ago. Surgery went well, along with therapy. She was able to play soccer in school 9 months later and didn't seem to have any issues. But now she is playing basketball and she is in alot of pain after playing. Do you think she might need...

by User avatar Holly

painful swelling of feet and ankels, hurts to walk, very red and are painful to touch. No energy

Answered by a doctor

Out of the blue , 2 months ago noticed some swelling of feet and ankles. Have never had swelling anywhere ever and have always been pretty thin-even with a little weight gain my legs and feet never got any bigger. For a month they went up and down periodically, now the last few weeks my feet have...

by User avatar 1crazycat65

pain in the groin after hip replacement

Answered by a doctor

:-( i had my hip resurfaced 7 years ago and had constant pain in my groin after for the 7 years i recently had the same hip replaced and the pain in my groin is still there ,the pain is so bad i cannot lift my leg without lifting it with my hands i am unable ot lift it just using my muscles without...

by User avatar angie49

shoulder pain while eating cold/ ice

Answered by a doctor

sounds weird but every time I eat lots of ice or lots of cold stuff my left shoulder really hurts. It doesnt stop unless I stop eating the ice. Whats wrong??? Help!

by User avatar hipp00

Mammography tech's do not believe some women have intense pain during mammogaphy

Answered by a doctor

As a breast cancer surviver, I have had numerous mammograms. I have a great deal of pain during and after a mammogram. Medical personel do not believe me when I tell them of the intense pain. I have several healed broken ribs under breast tissue. The machine is pushed into the area of calcification...

by User avatar Connie Boettcher228608

progressive ligament and tendon weakness and pain.

Answered by a doctor

Please help. My symptoms started 4 months after I gave birth it is now 18 months later and the symptoms are progressing. I have great weakness and pain in the tendons/ligaments in my fingers, hands, elbows, toes, feet, knees and hips, I am also going bald. I have seen a rheumatoid specialist who...

by User avatar snugglebunny66

My whole face is titanium! What can I do if I get more implants and start being allergic to them?

I had titanium jaw joints and all titanium implants put in due to an accindent. Im sure im allergic to it all. It really dont bother me unless i put more titanium in my sytem causing an overload. I had to change my moisturizer, makeup, toothpaste, food, deoderant, my favorite ice cream. Its...

by User avatar Guest