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a screw is working its way out after bunion surgery 12 1/2 years ago

Answered by a doctor

I had a second bunion surgery on my left foot 12 1/2 years ago. In the last month I have noticed a raised area on my foot near the site where a screw was used. It is progressively getting higher. It is not painful to the touch, but is very painful when putting on shoes. I am limited to one pair...

by User avatar Guest

bunion removal..DPM or Orthopedic surgen?

Answered by a doctor

I have a large bunion on my right foot...I have been contimplating surgery and am wondering which doc is better...orthopedic surgen or a DPM?? please help.

by User avatar kelly fabian

swimming after a hip replacement

I had a hip replacement In Jan 2008 and would like to go swimming again but the only stroke i am good at is breast stroke will it do any damage to the new hip ?

by User avatar wendy

Left shoulder pain while breathing deeply

Answered by a doctor

I was sitting down on my recliner using my computer and started having pain in my shoulder joint when I would breath deeply and soon after it traveled down my arm, neck, sternum and eventually it went to my jaw. All on the left side. The pain was worse when I laid down so I slept sitting up. The...

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Pin Removal after Hammertoe Surgery

Answered by a doctor

I recently had hammertoe surgery on all 5 toes. 4 of the toes had pins. My podiatrist removed the stitches and pins after 2 weeks. The info I read on this site says pin removal after 4 to 6 weeks. I was wondering if he removed the pins too soon?

by User avatar mebabydoll4792

How soon can I drive after hammertoe fusion procedure

Answered by a doctor

hi I am having my second toe repaired that is a hammertoe. The toe is not in terrible shape but it will be fused and a pin will be removed in approx. 6 weeks. Can I drive after the surgery or how soon after?

by User avatar lbspleas

Chronic tendonitis everywhere- any ideas?

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I am female, and I have been suffering from a variety of tendon/joint related problems, and I am starting to wonder if they are all connected. I have had achilles tendonitis for 2.5 years (since I was 18), and it has not gotten better, despite trying everything from RICE and physio to...

by User avatar Guest

Pain in back during adrenalin rush situations

Answered by a doctor

I am a 45 year old male in generally good health, with no history of heart or other physical problems. I have been experiencing increasing pain/throbbing in my lower to middle back during highly tense situations (i.e. sudden traffic stress), especially when the adrenal glands appear to kick in. At...

by User avatar Ray Jay TO

clicking and popping after shoulder surgery

Answered by a doctor

I am three weeks after surgery. Started therapy at home as instructed, at first a little click and popping in shoulder. It seems to be getting worse, and more shoulder pain. Had a small tear repair and bone spur. Any response will be appreciated.

by User avatar tootiestrawberry129528