A film by Robert Zemeckis

The story of Marty McFly (Michael J Fox) continues in this sequel to 1985 s Back to the Future . The movie picks up right where the first film left off where Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) returns in the DeLorean and tells Marty and Jennifer (Elisabeth Shue, replacing Claudia Wells) that they have to come back with Doc to the future to help their future children. This scene was re-shot for this movie because of Elisabeth Shue taking over the role of Jennifer from Claudia Wells, but it is otherwise the exact same scene that we saw in the ending of Back to the Future.

They are off to 2015 so that Marty can prevent his son, Marty Jr (also Michael J Fox) from getting into some trouble with Griff Tannen (Thomas F Wilson), the grandson of Biff Tannen (also Thomas F. Wilson). While they are in the future, there is a little problem. Marty stops Marty Jr from getting into trouble, but Jennifer is picked up by the police (Doc gave her something so she can just sleep and not get into any trouble) and returned to her future self s home. While Marty and Doc go to get her before she is seen by her family, the old Biff Tannen overhears them talking about time travel and grabs Gray s Sports Almanac and goes back to 1955 and gives the almanac to his younger self. Now the young Biff is free to gamble on sporting events knowing the outcome. When Marty and Doc return to 1985, it is an alternate 1985 because the town was changed when Biff won millions gambling. It changed everything in Hill Valley. The rest of the movie is Marty and Doc trying to find out what happened and fixing things back in 1955 (where a different Marty is already there doing what he did in the first Back to the Future movie ).

This has always been my favorite of the Back to the Future movies. I like how it shows even more how seemingly small events can change what happens in the future. I like watching Marty see himself helping his parents in 1985 (more scenes that had to be re-filmed to get Marty in two places at once). I also appreciate how much attention to detail there was in relation to the first movie as well as what would foreshadow the third movie. The first movie may be considered the best, but this is my favorite.